2KCUP Heads to Hampton Downs, Pukekohe, Manfeild and Taupo for Season 3!

Season dates can now be confirmed and 2KCUP now has a season that sees events well spaced out and at all the north island tracks:

Round 1 – Hampton Downs – September 26
BBQCTD V1 October 30 (Friday 5-7PM)
Round 2 – Hampton Downs – November 21
Round 3 – Pukekohe – December 12
Round 4 – Manfeild – February 20
BBQCTD V2 March 19 (5-7PM)
Round 5 – Taupo – April 2
Round 6 – Hampton Downs – May 7/8

Dates can also be viewed at any time and will be kept up to date on the Race Dates page (under series info in the top menu)


Rules for the upcoming season are still being finalised and there are a bucket load of changes. Most are due to feedback received over the first 2 seasons, but there are also 2 new “Cups” and a few rules that should add to the whole thing.

Entry for Season 3 will go up once the rules are released. 2KCUP will also be doing a newsletter on the first of each month starting in August.

Head to facebook and tell us what you want to hear most in terms of rule changes before we make it official? Could it be the new SpiritCup that will jointly win the 2KCUP? the new “EuroCUP” which sees the 2000cc rule relaxed and a max HP rule introduced for that specific class? The new make up of the committee and 2KCUP organisers? The buddy system for newbies? The crackdown of those taking advantage of the rules? or maybe the social event that will be taking place before the season?