Season 4 Points and Prizegiving (27th May)

Points will be released at Prizegiving and those who are in to win something will be advised to attend. The details are as follows:

Date – 6pm 27th May
Where – The Waypoint, 89b Springs Road, East Tamaki, Auckland

South Island 800

Link for details –

We have attached a link to the rules to this event, we would like to get as many NI teams to go challenge the SI boys on their home turf.  This is a great trip to make and the 2kcup SI teams are making a huge effort to look after NI drivers and teams.  Start talking to other drivers about putting a team together for this great event.

Check yo-self before yo wreck yo-self.

As per a recent facebook post advising that there was a technical hearing outstanding, I can now advise that at the last round the technical committee carried out a suspension blitz, in total checking ~40 cars. It was unfortunate that 3 Integras were found to have their suspension arms flipped from left to right (a common way to increase caster at the expense of bump steer) and they have each been penalised 100 points for breaking rule 22a (section iii) as per the technical rules at

I say its unfortunate as none of the competitors were genuinely aware the mod had been carried out before it was pointed out to them. To add salt to the wound I have seen a alignment sheet from one of them and it showed it had just as much castor as a rule compliant car. I can understand how the 3 competitors feel hard done by but the technical committee take a hard line to non standard modifications, especially if there has been a rule specifically created for it.

If you are ever unsure about something with your car just send an email to

Kind Regards
James Watson