ENDLESS is the premier Braking Manufacturer from Japan. Being used in top racing categories from WRC, Lemans-24hr to Formula1, it’s used by the best teams that expect the highest quality and performance.

ENDLESS have over 700 pad shapes available for Japanese, European and aftermarket calipers. They have a huge range of compounds available with something to suit every racing and street application.

For the 2KCup series Prosport Auto recommends the ME22 compound as it offers extremely high value ($/km) and gives drivers excellent pedal feel and stopping performance, while remaining kind to discs and being street-friendly if you want to drive to and from the track. The ENDLESS ME22 compound has a very high temperature threshold and works perfect with the 2KCup cars and no brake cooling, allowing cars to be run for hours without stopping.

Some applications or driving styles will require a slightly lower friction rear pad to keep the car stable, please contact Mike at Prosport Auto for extra information and options.

Most pad shapes are in stock, but please allow up to 5 weeks to manufacture and ship if pads are out of stock. All brake pads are made in Japan by ENDLESS.

For all 2KCup drivers Prosport Auto is offering 10% off Brake Pads and Brake Fluid, while also offering a free bottle of ENDLESS RF650 (500ml) with every set of Brake Pads bought. This is the same fluid used in the Mercedes Petronas Formula1 team!


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