2KCUP are pleased to announce Store Rite Logistics Ltd 2KCUP will be back for another season with 6 rounds set to take place over the summer covering a wide variety of events. If you follow us on Facebook you have probably already seen the below.

Season dates are below with all but round 3 confirmed.
Round 1 – 3rd October – Pukekohe – ACC
Round 2* – 28th November – Hampton Downs 2.8km – HRC
Round 3 – TBC Late Jan or Early Feb – Taupo – Speedworks
Round 4* – 26th February Fast Grid | 27th Feb Slow Grid – Pukekohe – HRC
Round 5 – 19 March – Hampton Downs 3.8km – HRC
Round 6* – 24rd April – Taupo – HRC
*indicates a 2 grid round (fast and slow), otherwise single grid.

Season 9 is a season of change with the following being the most pertinent;

The slow grids are back with the introduction of the “2KCUP Shield” at 3 rounds. The 2KShield will run alongside the regular 2KCUP slow grid and in a nutshell the 2KCUP Shield is the first track in NZ history that mandates the top 3 cars be auctioned off at the end of the race weekend. With the reserve set by the rules it incentivises competitors to be cost effective so as to not lose out big time. The racing will be slow but the competition will be fun. Rules for the Shield can be found at https://2kcup.com/?page_id=1769 or find the facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/520139422409853

With the 2KShield solidifying the cost control goals of the 2KCUP we have raised the minimum buy price of the 2KCUP to $4k to reflect a changing landscape in terms of car options and made some minor tweaks. The changes look to address the problem which is cars post the year 2000 just aren’t as fast for the same money. The full 2KCUP rules can be found at https://2kcup.com/?page_id=1767

We have also taken the step of introducing a SPEC tyre for the 2KCUP (but not the shield) by partnering with Zestino. Many days of testing were carried out to arrive at this partnership and we would also like to thank the 3 other tyre suppliers for their options presented/tested.

We settled on the Zestino tyre as it offered the best compromise of grip, life and cost effectiveness. The partnership with Zestino should now see an end to the tyre wars of season 8 and a sizeable cost saving for those teams at the pointy end of the grid.

Entry to the 2KCUP is to be made via https://forms.gle/U32YsBkZ1QjnXf5U7, thanks to the 30 that have already entered. Entry to each round this season will open 4 weeks before the round on a first come first served basis.

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