2K Cup aims to open doors to young budget racers
The New Zealand Racing Drivers’ League is launching a budget racing class that it hopes will introduce new competitors to motorsport and circuit racing.

The 2K Cup is designed to provide the lowest price circuit motor racing in New Zealand and will have a firm emphasis on fun and low cost. Cars must cost $2,000 or less, are allowed only safety modifications.

The new category will form part of the New Zealand Racing Drivers League which will kick off at Hampton Downs on September 28 and 29 and will run five events during its first summer season. It will include rounds at all of the major North Island circuits – Hampton Downs, Taupo, Manfeild and Pukekohe.

“The races will be an hour long so the emphasis will not be on outright speed, but on driving skill and getting the basics right,” explained Chris Watson, one of the NZRDL organisers and brains behind the new class. Tyres and brakes will need to be looked after and the track speeds will be quite slow, but, and it is a big but, the racing should be close and will favour the most skilful driver with the best overall strategy. There’s no place for door banging or the wallet waving winner in this class and we very much hope it will attract new racers to the sport.”

No modifications will be allowed on the engine or drive train of the car or the bodywork and the interior must be retained. The cars can run to minimum Motorsport New Zealand specification which means that although they are not a legal requirement, roll cages and harnesses are strongly advised as well as full safety gear for the driver. Racing seats are also permitted as are aftermarket brake pads (but not calipers) and aftermarket springs (which must be direct OEM replacements). On-board fire extinguishers are a must.

Equally as importantly, the car must have a warrant of fitness and must have cost its owner $2,000 or less. A receipt of purchase or an AA valuation must be produced during documentation. Dot tyres are permitted but the car’s original specification and diameter wheels must also be retained.
Website for rules and eligible cars www.2kcup.com


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