In the weekend at round 2 a lot of us were rapt to meet one of our heroes Paul Radisich as he walked around and checked out the 2kcup along with our one of his reps Matt Mitchell. Paul was introduced to the Overview committee via our mates at City Collision Repairs and The Village Butcher who have been working on a deal for us behind the scenes. When chatting he said he was really keen on supporting grass roots racing, and as we all know you don’t get more grass roots than the 2kcup.

Paul is the managing Director of New Zealand’s only oil company, Aegis Oil Hawkes Bay. And kicked off support by giving us $200 of oil vouchers to be given to those that fully show the 2kcup spirit. He also offered all 2kcup competitors a 10% discount on oil!

As you may have seen from our prizegiving video, the BBQ committee decided a $50 voucher would go to Lesley Gorvett as he rolled over (a 2kcup first, and hopefully last) due to his oil probably draining out of his car and the second $50 voucher went to Chris Hooker for the most amount of oil used in a race (3 litres!!) he also came fourth, great effort! (Possibly due to weight reduction of losing oil?)

And the big prize of the day went to the boys in car 21 Sergey Kevrukh and Alexey Borisov . Paul wanted us to give a $100 voucher to a team that had showed true grit and determination. Their story of not sleeping for a few nights before the race, getting the engine in place at 10pm the night before, and battling their way through to win race 1 of group three was probably the best one that had filtered its way through to the committee. Now that’s the 2kcup spirit!

Aegis oil can supply everything you need from mineral oils to full synthetics and can be ordered easily by ringing 0800-655645 or contacting “our” rep Matt Mitchell via email, give him a bell if you have any inquiries on 021822398.

And it’s delivered to your door!

Paul said their 20W/50 would probably be great for most of our cars:
From their website:
Aegis 20w/50 Motor Oil is a high performance engine oil designed for today’s stop and go driving conditions. This engine oil is formulated with modern additive technology to reduce engine wear and improve control of engine deposits in all gasoline and diesel engines. Aegis 20w/50 exceeds the stringent Japanese Automobile Standards Organisation specifications and the US Military specifications MIL-L-46152D
Make sure you mention 2kcup and grab our sweet discount. The more they sell to us the more vouchers we get, it’s a self-fulfilling prize pool. We can’t complain at that!

Check out Aegis facebook page here…/…

And check out their website here for all the products available.

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