Round 1 Results

(above Winners – Kent wheeler, Ray williams, Roman Korobeinikov and James whitlock)

Congratulations to all those that competed at round 1. There was great variety of cars on both grids and the racing was as close as ever.

Links from Round 1
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Overall Round 1 Winner
#121    Team Williams    Racing Ray Williams

1.6L Cup
#232    Black Sheep Racing    Josh Penny

1.8L Cup
#121    Team Williams    Racing Ray Williams

2.0L Cup
#15    Team Comrade     Alexey Borisov/Roman Korobeinikov

Taxi Cup
#15    Team Comrade     Alexey Borisov/Roman Korobeinikov

Rookie Cup
#3    OFR (Old Fartz Racing)    Dale KIELY

Spirit Cup
#16    Le Coq Massif Racing    Hugh Parris

1oak Cup
#120    Woottons Autos    Rodin Wootton

Hairdresser Cup
#55    Smith Racing    James Smith

Euro Cup
#16    Le Coq Massif Racing    Hugh Parris

50+ Shield
#121    Team Williams    Racing Ray Williams

Under 25 Shield
#77    Toymota Racing    Mathew Smith

Following round 1 the DSC (driver standards committee) have awarded the following penalties on top of those given by MSNZ on the day:

-15 Points #32
-10 Points #41
-11 Points #52
-10 Points #233

The DSC have also ruled that the above teams cannot use round 1 as their drop round for the season with the Overview committee approving their ruling. I would personally like to thank the DSC for their work as I have seen the vast amount of emails that it took to get to this stage from both within the committee and with fellow competitors.

The technical committee would like to advise that they will be focusing on checking ECU’s over the next couple of rounds. If you are unsure if your computer is the factory item it may be an idea to open your ECU and have a look. Lastly, don’t count out on being put on a dyno at a random time in the next couple of rounds.

Apart from the DSC and tech committee’s work you may have spotted myself checking out all the cars. I was curious as to what level of saftey gear the 2KCUP was at so I went around all the cars and recorded the following result:

7% Were using a standard seat, most with a 5 point harness
21% Were using a racing seat and harness but without a cage.
72% Were using a cage (full/half), race seat and harness.

If your in the market for a cage contact Shores NZ Fabrication Ltd –


Round 2

Entry for round 2 is up at, payment must be received by 14th October as it has be forwarded to Manawatu car club who are the organising club (not HRC, we are just using their system for sake of ease).

If we are under the track limit for round 2 we will scratch the second grid and combine it with the first so that we can be done by 15:30ish.

Programme for round 2 is as follows:

Est Time IRC RACE SCHEDULE SATURDAY 22nd Oct 2016 Minutes/Laps
0800 Scrutineering Opens. Present all logbooks and Documentation opens
0830 Marshals Briefing
0830 New Drivers Briefing in Race Control Room Level 2 15
0830 Class Coordinators meeting. Stewards room Level 1 10
0845 Driver’s Briefing outside Control Tower Stairs 10
0850 Track Set-up complete. Marshals in place 5
0855 Track Clearance. Radio check 5
0900 P1 NZ Six, Super Mini, Pro7, BMW E30 10
0910 P2 BMW Open, BMW 2 Litre, K-Sports 10
0920 P3 Formula First 10
0930 Documentation and Scrutineering closes
0930 Q1 2KCUP 15
0950 Q2 NZ Six: Super 6 10 min, HQs 10 min each 20
1005 Q3 Pro7 15
1020 Q4 BMW Open 15
1035 Q5 Formula First 15
1050 Q6 K-Sports 15
1100 Q7 BMW 2 Litre 15
1115 Q8 Super Mini Challenge 15
1130 Q9 BMW E30 15
1145 R1 2k Cup Group 1 33
1230 Lunch Break 30
1225 Marshals in place. Radio Check
1300 R2 2K Cup Group 2 33
1340 R3 NZ Six 8 laps
1410 R4 Pro 7 8 laps
1430 R5 BMW Open 8 laps
1450 R6 Formula First 8 laps
1510 R7 2K Cup Group 1 33
1550 R8 K-Sports 6 laps
1630 R9 2K Cup Group 2 33
1650 R10 BMW 2 Litre 8 laps
1710 R11 Super Mini Challenge 6 laps
1725 R12 BMW E30 8 laps
1745 Crews stand down.
1745 Meeting rides. 1 rescue crew and race control stand by

Kind Regards,
James Watson