Round 6 Entry

Entry for round 6 is up at under “Retyred Furniture Season Finale Hampton Downs 2017” with entries closing on the 1st of May (Monday next week). The top 46 in points have earned their spot in the Sunday 1 Hour race, those that are 46th on wards in points are to race on the Saturday. So just to confirm:

Saturday = 1 Hour Race for those 47+ in points
Sunday = 1 Hour Race for those 1st-46th in points

Both races will have a forced 60 second pit stop that has to take place between the 20-40min mark. Grids will be released on 2nd May and are based on a reverse grid staggered start by points. BBQ may tamper with the grid to avoid a run away winner situation like has happened in years gone by when a very quick car does badly in the points.

Round 5 Results

Points are at – Check here to figure out where you are in the Championship.

Message from BBQ

Some cars are starting to look rough, try get it fixed before the final round but at a minimum it must be sorted before next season.

South Island 800

Link for details –

We have attached a link to the rules to this event, we would like to get as many NI teams to go challenge the SI boys on their home turf.  This is a great trip to make and the 2kcup SI teams are making a huge effort to look after NI drivers and teams.  Start talking to other drivers about putting a team together for this great event.

Check with Technical

As per a recent facebook post advising that two MR2’s were running LSD’s at Taupo, technical and then overview committee have been working along side Shane Geddes to confirm what the situation is. After many emails and much research it has been confirmed that the LSD is a “Gen 4” option. This is unfortunate as the Gen 4 has never been approved for 2KCUP and neither was technical committee made aware that the competitors had made the specification change. In short the application to run the Gen 4 LSD was declined and an appropriate penalty issued for using it previously.

I must remind all competitors to liaise with Technical committee if you are going to change the spec of your car, it’s not acceptable to make the change and not tell anyone, especially if it is a performance enhancing one. 



In the coming weeks various committee members will be having a meeting about the direction of the series for next season. If you wan’t to have your suggestions considered please feel free to send it to

The general direction I (personally) want 2KCUP to head is to be less about the rules and more about not going below a X:XX.XXX lap time for both the “fast” and “not as fast/Spirit” grids. From 4 seasons of racing we now know what a standard $2000 car should do and policing via lap time is easier for everyone. I would say it will largely increase the list of cars eligible as it will be less about what the car could do or how hard it would be to police and more about what the car does do.

I’ll send out another email in the week prior to the last round confirming all the details.

Kind Regards
James Watson