Possibly the biggest newsletter in 2KCUP History covering Round 4, Round 5, BBQ Twilight and the Dunlop 800

Round 4

Full points can be found at goo.gl/JLFN9x

Some video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFCLacYPNf8 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znBZOveYxik

Pictures can be found at media77.co.nz


Field of dreams or field of broken dreams. There is no doubt manfield is a great if not technically difficult track.

Difficult damp qualifying followed by racing in great condition. Just getting there and back proved somewhat difficult with at least 3 trailers or towing vehicles having blowouts and at least 3 cars returning to fielding after realising on the trip home that backing plates are not as effective as brake pads.

With Mark Mallard winning Race 1a and Peter Coleman in Race 1b, the reverse Grid was won by Zane Coppins who in his own words missed prize giving cause he hadn’t won in so long that he forgot that he might get something for coming first.

2 drivers spent what was probably a fairly awkward 6 hours home in the together after a fairly hefty coming together twice on the same corner on the same lap. These 2 are good mates and had trucked the cars together and where in the cab together for the trip home, fortunately after time had passed and a couple beers shouted all was well.

There was little other contact of note but a few nameless drivers will be reminded in the next few days there is no need to give anyone a little rub down the side or a ticket on their backside. Most of us have better halves waiting at home to do that for us. But the worst of those looked like cut and polish and it would be gone.

The overall Championship is a battle with 3 drivers within 8 points which is less than 1 place difference in every race run in the 2015/16. The #3 Integra James Watson and Roman Korobeinikov back into the championship lead in front of Simon Rollinson also in an Integra and Mark Mallard in the Levin

With the Levin winning on the Weekend so far the Round wins stack up 2 for the Integras (Watson/Korobeinikov 1 win, Simon Rollinson 1 Win) and the Levins with 2 wins (Steve Cox 1 Win, Mark Mallard 1 Win) so parity is in order.

On a more positive note Paul Greaney sorted us out with some super fab meaty treats from Napier best. The Village Butcher which along with some fine donations of accoutriements from team toymota made for a very popular lunch for all those not on their backs under their baby.

Aegis oil. Never a more valuable sponsor than at a manfield round gave us 4 oil packs for drivers at prize giving and with a few people not showing up other lucky drivers were happy to take advantage and accept their semi synthetic oil instead.

Overall Round 4 Winner
#8 MTT Insurance Racing – Mark Mallard

1.6L Cup
#809 Firestorm – Matthew OGorman / Ben Thorpe

1.8L Cup
#8 MTT Insurance Racing – Mark Mallard

2.0L Cup
#35 Zane Coppins

Taxi Cup
#3 DeltaBravo8 – Roman Korobeinikov / James Watson

Rookie Cup
#903 2 Wheels – Mark Wheeler

Spirit Cup
#21 SA Racing – Sergey Kevrukh / Alexey Borisov

1oak Cup
#679 Hutchnuts racing – Craig Hutchby

Hairdresser Cup
#74 DPR – Oscar Drummond

50+ Shield
#818 team fizzo – Steve Fistonich

Under 25 Shield
#74 DPR – Oscar Drummond

BBQCTD V2 – 19th March

Our next private twilight at Hampton Downs is coming up on the 19th of March, entry is $100 if its your first 2KCUP twilight or $50 if you have done the first Season 3 2KCUP twilight. Entry is up at motorsportentry.com under BBQCTD V2.

Round 5 – 2nd April

Entry for round 5 at Taupo is now up at motorsportentry.com under “Great Lakes Meeting 2016”, this our first round in a few back with HRC events. There is also the option for a 75min enduro for any fully caged Hondas.

Dunlop 800 – 2nd July

Last but certainly not least is the Dunlop 800, Dunlop are back on board for another year which means lots of prizes for all.

Due to demand and to secure your team a spot, we require you to register your interest athttp://goo.gl/forms/HxPXkAx3E1

You will find the basic rules on the link above but for the most part we are allowing teams of 2-3 cars, self picked or series picked to take part in an 800km endurance race that will take the better part of a day. Before the event teams can decide what class they want to enter. The classes are set by lap time (Pro, Pro/Am, Am OR sub 1:26, a mix, slower than 1:26).

Unlike most endurance races the slower cars set off first, so much so they will start 10 minutes before the “pro” or sub 1:26’s car leave, creating a real thriller of a race as it progresses. Currently it’s looking like 6 South Island teams will be in attendance so there will also be a bit of well spirited North vs South rivalry going on as well.


Kind Regards,
James Watson