Hear ye hear ye the esteemed BBQ committee aka the fun police has decided to make a decision.

In what is known as the Autech Atrocity the two defendants have been found guilty of accidental cheating. Unfortunately not knowing the rules (in this case the production numbers required) does not mean you are exempt from them.

After a vote we have decided to let them run this season by dispensation without restriction. They would be possibly banned next season, as the committee voted against them being exempt forever.

As the two teams hadn’t read the rules they are obviously just there for fun which is great. We decided to let them prove it too.

They got to choose from a few penalties and both decided to lose some points, which would be distributed to some DNFs from the previous two rounds, also they will be chipping in for some meat patties at one of our upcoming rounds as a bit of a “sorry” to all the other competitors.

NOTE. The Autechs are now an EXEMPTION ONLY car. There have been three exemptions given (a third was bought and applied for dispensation before the ruling) but NO MORE WILL BE. All further Autechs will be refered to a site known as Trademe whereby they can get rid of their car.

The BBQ Committee

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