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Now in our 10th season we have made changes which will see the removal of the price limit and the introduction of an approved cars list (races are still 2K seconds long), a list that will be added to over time on application.

The benchmark is still a Honda Integra DC2 so any application will need to have the same or lesser performance. This change was introduced as over the last 10 years the cars in 2KCUP have greatly changed in value.

Cost is still the primary focus for 2KCUP so another change is the class structure. Coming season 10 it all changes with points now being allocated per class and the team with the most points overall will lay claim the 2KCUP. This change solves the issues around only a small pool of cars (that are ever increasing in price) being the only ones that are in contention.

Winning the 2KCUP is now more affordable than ever for a team that is purely cost centric and wants to take home the big prize.The classes have also moved away from being purely power to weight and move to the following; Class A (catch all slower cars), Class B (Under 1600cc), Class C (Over 1600cc) and Class D (Catch all faster cars).

Car preservation now takes a step forward in season 10, whilst cars are still to be factory standard, brake ducting and engine cooling are now open, this should see less bearing failures and increased brake pad life.

Tyre rules are changed again for season 10 with 3 options now being available and tweaks made so that you can run anything smaller than the factory size. We have also removed the 17″ option for BMW E36’s so that their superior tyre management abilities are somewhat less superior (for sake of parity).

To celebrate 10 years we are going to have a National event at Manfeild for Round 3 where we will crown a 2KCUP National (Intergalactic) Champion. Points will also be doubled at this event.We will continue to post info in the coming months, but in the meantime feel free to sign up and be part of 10 years of 2KCUP racing.

Round 1 Pukekohe – 12th Nov

Round 2 Hampton – 26th Nov

Round 3 Manfeild – 25th Feb

Round 4 Somewhere – early Feb-late March

Round 5 Taupo – 16th April

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