Entry for Round 4

Entry to round 4 is still up at motorsportentry.com and closes on the 5th, currently 30 are entered. Unless the total number tip the track limit of 46 there will be a single grid. Manawatu car club have come back about running the last race at the end of the day and have seen why we want to finish earlier. I haven’t received an updated program, but it certainly wont be Pukekohe all over again in terms of timing.

If you are needing to be scruitneered at Manfeild can you please reply to this email, I have been asked to get a rough number before the event.


2KCUP Enduro a.k.a. the Dunlop 800

The overview committee are meeting this weekend to sign off the rules and how the event will run, shortly after that we will put out the event details in a newsletter along with how to enter. Feel free to reply to this email with any suggestions and we will go over them this weekend. For those that don’t know, the enduro is set to be on the 2nd July, this date will not be moving so feel free to mark it in your calendar.



The sponsor pages on the website will be updated in the coming weeks, we are really looking forward to showing off the cage installed by Tim @ Shores NZ Fabrication Ltd for the 2KCUP media car. We are currently working away at getting the car back together for Stuart Owers (NZ Autocar) to drive at the next round and we hope having the cage will get other higher profile media involved as being cageless was a stumbling block.


My Laps Transponders can be purchased from the Historic Racing Club. Order online at www.motorsportentry.com or by sending a cheque to HRC Inc, PO Box 28140 Remuera. HRC has the new X2 transponders in stock. The advantages are that they can be charged in 4 hours instead of 12 hours and they will be compatable with new in-car displays available within 12 months. Prices are as follows; X2 Rechargeable Transponder, 1 Year, $220; X2 Direct Wired Transponder 1 Year, $270; X2 Direct Wired Transponder, 2 Year, $295; X2 Direct Wired Transponder, 5 Year, $495. We also have a SPECIAL OFFER available for the last of the Flex Transponders – AMB Flex Transponder $89.00 plus licence fee for 1 year of $110 making the total price $199.00. This price includes insurance and lifetime guarantee. Your only cost is the licence fee of $110 a year in subsequent years. That is less than 2 weekends hire and you own the transponder! Five year licenses are available for $475.00. At the end of the license period to activate your transponder is AU$100 for 1 year, 2 years AU$181.50 and 5 years AU 368.50. What it all basically means is that there is a solution for everyone whether they are planning on racing short, medium or long term.


Kind Regards,
James Watson