So far we have had 23 new entries for round 2, this doesn’t sound like many but that’s another 23 on top of the 46 that have already competed in round 1, to add to this there are also another 10-20 entries that will be joining from round 3 onwards. If I am not mistaken, this makes 2KCUP the largest series in New Zealand with 80+ cars competing.

For those who competed at round 1, entry is now open for round 2 BUT there are conditions. Your team must be on the below list in order to enter:

#8 MTT Insurance Racing
#52 Gulf Racing
#96 B Carey/M Grover
#6 Decepticon
#77 Toymota Racing
#86 JC Racing
#132 L McAuley
#93 F&S Racing
#33 Paul Smith
#65 Elmo Racing–Denzie Family
#555 Darren McDonald
#13 Tony Olissoff
#9 Bax
#115 Hammer Racing
#14 Team Cressy
#17 Harry Bowers
#27 Dave Rooney
#48 Asgard Racing
#42 Moose Motorsport
#101 Paul T
#717 Bryce Fergusson
#15 Battle Toad
#25 BlackJack
#7 Wayne Scott

The above list comprises of those who are basically in the bottom half of the Championship for their class, I decided on this for a few reasons:

-There seems to be a natural split of lap times around the marks I have chosen.
-It gives the new people a chance to do well.
-It gives the bottom half the Championship a chance to improve their pace.
-It stops the grid from being a mad rush like what happened in round 1 as there are enough spaces for everyone who is eligible.

For full transparency you can see my spreadsheet at – Look under the “Championship” sheet.

Poll Results

Below are the results from the poll I did last news letter:

Reverse top XX for Race 2?
Top 10-20 via Marble Draw (drawn by winner of race 1)    12    25%
Fixed top 15 reverse    5    10%
Fixed top 20 reverse    18    38%
No    13    27%

Should a Honda Civic EK4 SiR be eligible for this series
Yes    4    8%
Yes – but only if sold via public auction    7    15%
No – Even if purchased for under $2k its still not a $2k car.    37    77%

Would you be happy to sell your 2KCUP car for $2500
Yes    35    74%
No    12    26%

BBQ after Final Race?
Yes    48    100%
No    0    0%

From Round 3 we will be doing a top 20 reverse grid in the second race for both grids, I will also try organize a BBQ as no one voted against it.

James Watson

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