Hi All (85 of you),

First off, don’t panic if you miss out on the first round as those who miss out will have priority at the October round. Entry for Round 1 is up, enter at http://www.motorsportentry.com/ under “Waikato 400 – V8 SuperTourers”, 2 spots remain out of 46. A current list of entries can be found at http://2kcup.com/?p=389

License Night #4
We are having another license night this Wednesday at the place the first two were held, details are at http://2kcup.com/?p=392

Main points from the Kart/Meeting/License night:

  • Engine Swaps, people wanted to know where the line is. To give a simple answer, If you want to put an engine in the car that it was never released with, then no. If it was released with it, then you need approval from 2KCUP but we will most likely reject it unless you can prove the car is still going to be a genuine $2kcup type car.
  • 1 Hour pitstops, some wanted to enforce mandatory pitstop holding times. We are working through a few solutions but the last thing you want is a hot car sitting in pit lane for longer than it needs to (warped brakes are a given).
  • Reversing the top 10 for the second race, this is a great idea!
  • Running tires from a different spec (same car), this is on a case by case basis but for example, you have a normal Toyota Levin that came with 185/60R14 from factory. The SuperStrut levin  came with 195/55r15 and is also eligible for the series. These two specs are essentially the same with the exception of the superstrut options, for this reason I have allowed 195/55r15 for all Toyota Levins of that generation.
  • Numbers, if you don’t have a number we need to sort it before you race.
  • Classes, was everyone happy with the current structure, seemed to be yes.
  • Cars of a certain power to weight to go down a class, people seemed to agree that if you have a car with bad power to weight its going to be slow no matter what class you are in. Leave it as is and keep it simple.
  • Where to draw the line on spending, we will try buy your car for $2500 if we can see it selling for a profit, but for us to start getting to that you must be missing the point of what this series is really about.
  • Championship Points, I wanted something a bit more interesting and for those that were there early it seemed like a good idea, see the outcome below.

Rule Change
I have updated the following rule:

4.3: Points are allocated at the conclusion of each Race to all Finishers, they are allocated using the following method:

1st=Total laps, 2nd=Total laps minus 1, 3rd=Total laps minus 2, 4th=Total laps minus 3 and so on. All Finishers get at least 1 point.

Reasons for this:

  • It rewards the entire field for clean racing (Red flags and safety car will result in less laps = less points).
  • It automatically makes the 1 Hour race double points (or the chance to be)
  • It makes the Championship and every race dynamic.
  • It keeps the Championship close in terms of points.

The following rule has been added just to clarify what’s happening:

4.4: A drop round will be introduced if more than 5 rounds are scheduled in any given season.

The reason this has been added is because at the first two rounds we have limited grids. We are looking to add another round for December which would give 6 rounds in total, if confirmed this will see the addition of a drop round being made available to everyone.

Kind Regards,
James Watson

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