Car no.Driver(s)Team name(s)Car make + modelSponsorsFirst 2k Cup seasonOther Motorsport experienceMotorsports heroesDriver bioWhat others say about you 
2Ric ChalmersLINK MotorsportHonda Integra
3James WatsonCreme Insurance RacingToyota Altezza
4Steve HughesStickmanToyota Levin
5Chris WatsonRepacholi ProjectilesToyota Alteeza
6Stuart ReadDecepticonToyota Curren
7Alastair ChalmersLINK MotorsportHonda Integra
8Mark MallardCrème Insurance RacingWhat ever I can driveCrème Insurance, My Wife, My Wife and yeah My wifeI'm basically a professional race driver - Season 1 (2013-2014)SsangYong Utes and a few other seriesAlain ProstI like racing cars it is funOld fat slow, needs glasses and doesn't know anything about cars
9Allan BradleyAuto garage racingToyota Levin
10Paddy PowellTwo Patrick’s RacingToyota MR2East West EngineeringI tell people I'm a racing driver in pubs to impress and pick up - Season 4 (2016-2017)Go Dad!
11Dale KielyTeam BlastacarsHonda Civic
12Rodin WoottonWootton’s autosHonda Integra
13Jordan Stickings/DordorJDR/JD RacingToyota CelicaOne day I'll break into the fast group - Season 5 (2017-2018)V8 Supercars for 6 years (on PS2) + 7 Bathurst 1000sMcLaughlin, Lowndes, DixonBeen interested in motorsport for 13 years before joining the series, I always dreamed of driving a race car, 2K Cup is letting me achieve my dreams. My first season in the Ford Laser was the most fun I've ever had, sure she was the 3rd slowest car out of 120+ but the battles I had, plus the things I achieved in her are memories I'll cherish forever.

Now I'm in the Celica I'm hoping to consistently break into the top ten and be a menace to those front runners.
He's slow, he's fast, he's weird
14Tim MandersonJetstream racingMazda FamiliaMy Bank AccountOne day I'll break into the fast group - Season 5 (2017-2018)Drag racing,Brocky, Murphy, Scott McLachlanTruck driver, Car enthusiast , Young 56,Best not to say
15Roman KorobeinikovTeam ComradeToyota Starlet GT
16Hugh ParrisLe Coq Massif RacingCitroën BX19 GTi 16 valve
17Phil MillerGIS-a Go RacingToyota Levin
18Neil MallardCreme InsuranceToyota Trueno
19Warren CrowtherShake 'n' Bake RacingBMW 323iEFT Solutions, Kiwi Fun ToursOne day I'll break into the fast group - Season 5 (2017-2018)Club-level Karting, A few track days in Europe (Nurburgring, Brands Hatch, Le Mans Bugatti, Abbeville, Palmersports) and NZ (Hampton Downs, Pukekohe, Taupo). Targa Tour.Schumacher, Senna, Ricky BobbyA father of 4, and managing director of a software development business, I'm lucky to have a wonderful partner Anna who lets me indulge my childhood dreams!

Obsessed with motorsports and cars from a young age, I've dabbled in karts in NZ, Australia and the UK without much note. Then progressed onto track days in cars. After nearly writing myself off at high speed at Hampton Downs in a Lotus Elise, I decided I needed a car with a roll cage! Got one, did one Targa Tour (and loved it!).

I eventually got tired of my mate James Whitlock (car 36) telling me how great 2k Cup is, and dived in, starting in a BMW 318ti, in season 5. Then went to a Toyota Trueno, before returning back to my BMW roots in a 323i from round 4 of season 6.

Current 2k Cup Blasta Cars karting champ.

Active in iRacing, currently doing the Global Mazda MX5 championship. Look me up!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for race videos. Click here
Who's he?!
20Taylor HurstHurst RacingToyota MR2
21Stu ShuttTeam SentinelToyota LevinWhere does the petrol go? Season 6 (2018-2019)Dial a Dino’s delivery driverMark Mallard James WatsonGoing thru midlife crisis. Read on a toilet wall that buying a race car would helpGive up now
Buy an Intergra
22Craig HarmonTeam CharmonMazda MX5
23Roger JonstonNot too fast racingToyota Levin
25Ian WallaceWalmac RacingToyota Levin
26Don MacRaeLes Escargotspeugeot 306 Gti-6
27Waghooney Dave Rooney and NZ'sSFF2KcupD Anna BirkenheadDNA Racing (Its in our blood. Well all our cells actually)Toyota LevinDNA BNB where everyone gets a sleeping bargain and maybe a nice viewI'm basically a professional race driver - Season 1 (2013-2014)Rally driving mums hillman hunter with a friend after school at 14yrs, crashed through a farmers fence with 2 shotguns in the back seat. He is still in the dark.Neil Mallard. Frank Ryan,I firmly believe "faster and more professional just equals more shit going wrong". And "Teach a woman to drive, more time on your phone on long trips. Encourage a woman to race, forever look over your shoulder as she get hooked and faster"Anna is way better looking
Bring back the beard
Why you spin so much on out lap?
Your videos have too much swearing
You are a sarcastic mofo!
Have you really raced internationally?
Tell us about that time you were a FIFO driver at queensland raceway
How do I find the movie you star in on netflix? (Making of the mob:Chicago About 5 minutes in)
You are now a dick cos you're no longer racing the fastest racing wagon in NZ
Kent Dalziel vs Graeme Coley in Fight for life whos your money on Dave??

28Glenn HarropWaikato cars racingToyota Altezza
30Greg Larsen and Andrew CrynsLe Tissier RacingHonda CivicLe Tissier EyewearI tell people I'm a racing driver in pubs to impress and pick up - Season 4 (2016-2017)Watching it on TV and racing around the Hamilton Lake when I was younger.Keke RosbergHad a mid life crisis so bought a race car. Pretty simple. Now that I have raced for a couple of seasons, the crisis continues but at least I have a slow race driving Greaney's old car!
32Jon Scrivin aka Fred DaggScuderia NidhoggurHonda IntegraleI can pass around the outside of turn 1 - Season 3 (2015-2016)A tiny amount of terrible rallycross experienceFerrari/Brawn/Schumacher/Lowndes/Alonso/Prost/Ascari/McRaeJon: A lifelong motorsport enthusiast who decided a few years ago that amateur racing had to be cheaper and less hassle than a proper relationship. My team and I get as much of a kick out of being a pretend raceteam as we do from actually racing. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

Alex: Continuing on from her day job as an early childhood teacher, Alex manages the team during race weekends - no prizes for which group she says is better behaved. A hard task master, she always makes sure people & parts are where they need to be so everyone else can be focused on being adequate.

George: spends his weekends wrenching on the #32, either fixing stuff or trying something he read about on a forum. He loves dealing with C.V.s and brakes, and has done some impressive electrical work. Having driven in a couple of races before selling his own Integra, he also spends a lot of time moaning about how he doesn't have a race car anymore.
Nothing good I wouldn't imagine. The least offensive probably borders on pity.

33Paul smith2AVFUNHonda integraPitstop albany and meI'm basically a professional race driver - Season 1 (2013-2014)B grade midgets and 5 years of kartingAlain Prost , Dale Earnhardt , Barry Butterworth , and Scott McglauglinI’m a father of 4 boys , self employed builder , I work hard so I can play hard , lucky enough now to have a lovely wife that supports everything I do Don’t know , it’s a bit hard to hear with a helmet on
35Ben MacdonaldChoochin Motor SportToyota Levin
36James WhitlockJimjam Team RacingBMW 323isNopeSeason 4 (2016-2017)Gran Turismo, and the odd track dayDaniel Ricciardo, Jensen Button, Possum BourneI'm a nerdy acoustic engineer with two noisy kids.
I watch lots of movies and can solve a rubik's cube in less than a minute. I can wiggle my eyebrows in interesting ways and know a couple of lame (but effective) magic tricks.
I used to play drums in a metal band, but swapped that a few years ago for a race car. Before that my only racing accolade was clocking every version of Gran Turismo.
I have an awesome and supportive wife and love 2kcup to bits.
Thinks he's funny and likes to cuddle too much.
37Phil ColvinBig Rex RacingSuzuki Swift GTIMeI'm basically a professional race driver - Season 1 (2013-2014)Nz Touring Cars / SS2000David Wright Don Brunt and both the ScottsI have just turn 50.I have two amazing sons Alex and Jack .Love Star Wars , Suzuki , surfing , motor sport and my partner Chantal .I have lived in Tauranga for 24 years and worked for Sharp NZ for 10 .
38Lance "The Grocer" GerlachStickmenToyota levin 1996Pak n Save, IQ Security 2018 but consider myself above most on track Lemons 24 hourCory Jamieson. He reminds me of Peter Brock.Proud owner of a growing West Auckland business (no I don’t grow weed).
Favourite food: pancakes
Favourite band: U2
Favourite saying: “life's for living”
Fast driver. More Nervous than a gipsy with a mortgage before a race. But when the lights go green I’m prepared to dive bomb from anywhere!
039Alan GreigJim Jam RacingBMW 320iDriveline Fleet, Guild & Spence TechnologiesWhere does the petrol go? Season 6 (2018-2019)Yep, Auckland Car Club Production Race Series, a few seasons of Taupo Winter Series, 1x 24hrs of Lemons (sept 2018), and IPCCraig LowndesI'm just a regular car nut, equally happy flinging a few spanners around as I am blasting around the track. After 15 years of off-roading, it was time to give up the mud and muck for circuits and stopwatches. Love being part of 2K Cup and welcome all newcomers to the series or the sport.Warren - you can make this up
40Barry O’sullivanTeam Autech 1Nissan Pulsar
41Skippy Horner- PascoePrima RacingNissan PrimeraPrima Collision RepairsThe hats in my wardrobe have a yellowish hue - Season 2 (2014-2015)Cars, motorcycles and KartsAnyone who survived racing in the 50's and 60's.I'm a 52 year old idiot who still thinks he has chance to drive a supercar.I'm an idiot
42Luke van den BogaartMoose MotorsportMazda MX5
44Gordon Murray (Gordy)Go Gordy GoNissan Pulsar AutechI'm basically a professional race driver - Season 1 (2013-2014)NilPossum Bourne. Greg Murphy.Driving 2kcup since race 1, season 1. Owned 50+ cars and still buying old shiters and fixing them up.
46David BaileyKenwood RacingMazda MX5
47Michael HoeftHBRHonda Integra ‘94Winnie’s Gold Card, Carters Tyres PukekoheOne day I'll break into the fast group - Season 5 (2017-2018)Sports Sedans 70’s , RallycrossJimmy Richards, Peter Brock & Possum BournePoor pensioner trying to have some more fun!Don’t know they won’t tell me lol
50Graeme ColeyGBC racingMazda Lantis
51Walter manuellPaul Manuell racingToyota Levin
52Jamie AndersonAnderson MotorsportBMW 323i
53Derek WhiteTNTToyota Celica
54David MedrickyLLLFUNFIXToyota Levin GT Apex
55James smith2avfunHonda Integra
56Karl DriverDriver Motor SportsToyota Curren
57Steve Lancaster/Dave AtkinsHentai HGRToyota CurrenICGWhere does the petrol go? Season 6 (2018-2019)Ricky Bobby, Cal Naughton JrWe like driving cars fast and drinking cold beer, but obviously not at the same time.
58James McCombTBAMazda MX5
60John MacRaeLes EscargotsPeugeot 306 s16
61Karl Gainesstickmen racingToyota Levin
62Mathew Randell - Mat or homeless manTeam Benson RacingToyota TruenoStoreriteOne day I'll break into the fast group - Season 5 (2017-2018)Go karting KT100 and Rotax 125. PS3 F1 gameBruce Mclaren, Denny Hulme, Chris Amon, Possum Bourne, Scott Dixon, Peter SolbergProud father of 4 girls, love cars, racing and mechanical things. RC cars were a favourite when I was a kid, try and do most of my own mechanical repairs and maintenance on the race car and my AE82 Corolla. Fan of old Toyota’s, mountain Biking with my mates, playing touch rugby and collecting brocket car parts, which is my wife’s particular favourite... (so many gearboxes in the shed..). Never going to be the fastest, but I love race craft and get a buzz out of manufacturing a pass on the track.Homeless man!
63Alan ThompsonMidas taurangaToyota MR-S
65Cory JamiesonStickmen RacingHonda Prelude
67Phil PageSOL RacingToyota Levin
68John EnticottTeam MidasToyota Levin
70Tony JenksBlade RacingHonda Integra
71Chris MorrisPist'n'BrokeNissan Pulsar - Autech
72Ayden LamontAJM RacingToyota Trueno
75Brennan RietemaHonda Limit RacingHonda Integra

77Mathew "MonkeyMatt" Smith, Nigel SmithToymota RacingToyota MR2 (aka the Red Dragon)DM MechanicsI'm basically a professional race driver - Season 1 (2013-2014)I (Mathew) have competed in the BMW E30 series and done a lot of sim racing, including competing in two international finals (Esports WRC in Germany and FIA GT Championship in Tokyo).
Dad (Nigel) was a rally co-driver for a number of years winning a range of trophies still proudly displayed in the man cave
We don't have the fastest cars, or the biggest budgets but we do have the most fun. We joined the 2kcup as a father and son team for the very first round way back in 2013 and the rest is history. With a fierce rivalry to be the teams number 1 driver we've both been getting faster with every round and are always looking forward to that next opportunity to get behind the wheel.
Toymota Racing: Fun. Friendly. FAST.

See more about me (Matt) at

80Samuel WebbMindmush MotorsportMazda Familia
82Paul Bertram and Nicholas BertramBFR (Bertram Family Racing)Honda IntegraJoanne (wife and mother)I can pass around the outside of turn 1 - Season 3 (2015-2016)NopeAll the Kiwi's that made it to F1We are a father (Paul 50+) and son (Nick 16) team. Our motivation being that Nick can 'prove' himself on the track so he doesn't try stupid stuff on the road. He also learns basic car maintenance (from Youtube, not me). Neither of us is all that competitive and we don't mind what group we race in or where we finish, until 5 laps before race end when some strange metamorphosis occurs and suddenly we do. We don't understand this at all.Those guys don't look like they know what they are doing.
83Braden WillisCanadian Kiwi RacingToyota CelicaI tell people I'm a racing driver in pubs to impress and pick up - Season 4 (2016-2017)A bit of autocross in Canada, gokart track record in CanadaMy father, Bruce McLaren, Rod Millen, Steve Millen, Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Keiichi TsuchiyaIm a Canadian/Kiwi hence the race team name. I work in film and television. Worked on the Bruce McLaren doco that came out in 2017. Im pretty quick in a gokart.Most people cant pronounce my first name when reading it, including Mark Mallard.
84Ben AdamsTeam NismoNisan Pulsar
86Marc BarlowLe Coq Massif RacingPeugeot Gti6
87Jason GrinterAstraNaught RacingNissan Lucino Autech
88Martin TaylorTXFACTOR RACINGHonda IntegraLooking for someI can pass around the outside of turn 1 - Season 3 (2015-2016)Track Days at NurburgringMichael SchumacherI'm a top bloke! and here to have some funAsk my gorgeous wife, she will tell you. There's even a Martin Taylor Fan Club you can be part of.
90Dean Omeara and Shaun JacksonHoonda RacingHonda AccordProtec Pumps Lavalla FunctionsI tell people I'm a racing driver in pubs to impress and pick up - Season 4 (2016-2017)Define Motorsport.....A lifetime of thrashing anything with wheels..2 or 4Guy Martin ( what a nutter) any anyone else who races Isle of ManTeam Hoonda was formed by two neighbours/mates over a lunchtime Heineken watching racing at Pukekohe Park instead of working and the offer of a $700 car... The rest is motorsport HistoryWouldnt we all like to know
91Matt RoseRose RacingToyota Corona Exiv
93James Bell-BoothJimjam Team RacingBMW E36 323iI tell people I'm a racing driver in pubs to impress and pick up - Season 4 (2016-2017)nopeugh, do I have to?!? come and talk to me and the next round, I look like grumpy prick, but I am sometimes friendlywhich one are you?!?
94Dave BurkeWife Car RacingToyota Celica
96Mark GroverAltezza RacingToyota Altezza
97GraemeAM RacingToyota Levin
98Flynn- MullanyKVN RacingToyota Curren (1993)Mitre 10 Mega, John Wood AutosSeason 5 (start of 2018)Go kart (Rotax 3 years), Formula first (2017,2018,2019), Some Sim racingNick Cassidy, Lewis HamiltonYoung driver trying to become the Next Nick Cassidy (Super Formula ,Super GT driver). 16 Year old from Waimauku Auckland, Lifeguard at Muriwai and soon to be mechanicA young driver who is committed to becoming a future professional racing driver (Never gives up), backed up by people like Jonny Reid (relative) and Paul Cartmell (mentor) and his supportive father Kevin Mullany
99Patrick HartGranny's GarageToyota Duet
101Todd BridsonTBM MotorsportToyota TruenoOne day I'll break into the fast group - Season 5 (2017-2018)HillclimbsRacing and Fishing are the only two reasons be be out of bed earlyAlways turns up late
106Reon HogwoodCESMPeugeot 106 GTi
108Phil DavenportPRDAVENPORTPeugout 306
110Jason (Vaseline Man) wardTeam VaselineHonda Civic Ferio EG9RMC, Sperghts ale house stonefields, professional tyres takanini The hats in my wardrobe have a yellowish hue - Season 2 (2014-2015)Street racing, it don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile SENNABeen a petrol head longer then I can remember. Love motor racing. Enjoy helping out my mates off the track with their cars.Absolutely nuts, not even he knows what he's going to say
111Graeme ButlerEast West EngineeringToyota Tba
112David WilliamsBuildform RacingToyota Celica
116Tim OliverOliver racing teamHonda Integra
117Harry Bowers4 The Love of DogsToyota Celica
117Greg CramondTeam Cramond RacingToyota Levin
118Dominic Earl-peakcockDEP RacingToyota Levin
123David YoungFivestarHonda Integra
125Peter VodanovichLoanwiseToyota MR2
127Dave RooneyCreme insurance racingHonda Integra
128Paul GreaneyAfrica Racing TeamHonda Integra dc2The Village Butcher, City Collision Repairs, Motorsport Communications, Napier SignsThe hats in my wardrobe have a yellowish hue - Season 2 (2014-2015)Lots of watching V8sGlenn Seton, Graham & Damon Hill, Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, Ayrton Senna, Peter Brock, Ashley Stichbury, my Dad and the other senior Africans. Currently on hiatus from the World Series of 2kcup, and rebuilding an “OG” 2kcup car to better than its former glory, hoping to hit the track and round 4, season 6. Current reigning 1.6L champion, previous winner of the teams championship with twin brother Chris, and inaugural recipient of the “Retyred Award”, for most dnfs in a season. Single handedly wiped out all b16a Honda head gaskets for a whole season. I have a penchant for angry unicorns, which definitely make my car go faster, thoroughly enjoy passing Chucky in his Beemer and trying to keep Phil Page honest. Hi Chris!
130Dean JonesDingo racingNissian Primera
131Ben van der Werff12 point racingToyota Trueno
132Dean JonesDingo racingNissian Pulsar - Autech
133Lee OliverTriple S RacingNissan Sentra SSS
139Chris O’DriscollSRL RacingToyota Levin
141Jason AndersonTeam TezzerToyota Altezza
143John ForrestMinion RacingMazda MX5Auto Garage, Minion Catering,, Softsource, JP Tyres,
20/20 Vapes, Lowcost Trailers, Castrol, Endless, Racer Products, Onehunga Panel and Paint, Spitfire Signs,
Where does the petrol go? Season 6 (2018-2019)Speedway sidecar swinger 1982 - 84. Previously V8 touring cars and current Central Muscle Cars crew member for Pinepac Racing for 10yearsDick Johnson, Bruce Anderson, Ivan Mauger, Barry Butterworth,
Scott McLaughlin
Always said I would get on the track and race before I turned 60, made it with a few years to spare.I'd hate to think.
145Graham Ballballs up racingBMW 323is
146Glenn O'connellG Star RacingToyota Trueno
156Jules van NiekerkWildebeest RacingAlfa Romeo 156I can pass around the outside of turn 1 - Season 3 (2015-2016)I grew up around the race tracks of South Africa where my father was an official for the governing body. 2KCUP has been great at getting me from the sidelines onto the track.That Alfa is very wide...
177Simon OwersFuzzy LogicHonda Integra
212Ash GreerToyota CurrenI wishI can pass around the outside of turn 1 - Season 3 (2015-2016)Just track days on both motorbikes and carsValentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Nigel MansellMy Mum bought me my first MX bike when I was 5 years old, ever since I have been obsessed with motors. I could never afford to race until 2K Cup came along. I had a R32 GTS-T when I was 18, which was my pride and joy. I sold it to buy a 1972 bedford van (with a 350 Chevy V8 conversion) and a Yamaha KT100 kart to go racing, I was still a student and soon realised that there was more to racing than just having a kart. So I never actually raced it. I am self funded and my brother and I do all the mechanical work ourselves at home. I would love to race for living but that's not going to happen, however I do get to race in the busiest grid in NZ racing and I always have a blast.
220Rachel NorrisF.N. RacingPeugeot
222Steve SymonKiwi Fun ToursToyota Trueno
227Mark StevensonSteve RacingToyota Celica
227Nigel RawlingsLostcauze RacingToyota Altezza
233Neil RoseRose racingToyota Trueno
234Douglas YuVT ProductionsHonda Integra
236Alan GreigJim Jam RacingBMW 320i
265Matt WilliamsTeam ConnexHonda Integra
269Sean WallaceTHUNDERLIPSHonda Integra
292Liam OsborneTrue Blue RacingNissan Lucino VZR
305David TrassEB Racing / Team GCCHonda IntegraI tell people I'm a racing driver in pubs to impress and pick up - Season 4 (2016-2017)Had never been on a race track until first 2k Cup raceGreg Murphy and anyone who has been on Mount Panorama, Bathurst.It took 55 years to enter my first track race, the mighty 2k cup in a Nissan Pulsar. It was a mind blowing experience but I was instantly hooked. Assisted by my family who have been really supportive and encouraged me to continue. No mechanical expertise at all but like to dabble on a few things. My toy is a 2014 Nissan GTR R35 and I am currently restoring a 1976 Nissan Skyline (GTR clone).
320Chris HabershonHotHeels RacingBmw 325i
331Craig CoffeyTeam Autech 2Nissan Pulsar Autech
333Gavin CookProtecnissan Pulsar VZ-R GT
343Shane GeddesTeamGeddesRacingToyota MR2
356Seaton BlackPeugeot 206 gtiInframax Construction, Annelies Black Independent Tupperware ConsultantWhere does the petrol go? Season 6 (2018-2019)1 Track day at pukekoheMarcus Grönholm, michael schumacher, Greg Murphy, I like long walks on the beach, Im a nice guy with a face and other qualities Seaton is like waaay cool!!
386Gareith StanleyType Rice RacingHonda Integra
404Chris HookerFTF RacingToyota Corolla
417Steven "El Stevo" GaskellBandit SGR, Team Midas, 2AVFUN, Team VaselineHonda Integra BanditMidas Tauranga, MACs Mufflers, Cake Artistry by ShaynaOne day I'll break into the fast group - Season 5 (2017-2018)I've karted in NZ and the UK on and off.Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, KimiI'm a man of few words, just here to help.I've never asked...
444Dave Verryt444RacingHonda Integra
448Angus HowdenHowden Brothers RacingHonda Integra VTi-RRepcoWhere does the petrol go? Season 6 (2018-2019)Couple years of Targa 2012-2013Craig Lowndes, Scott Dixon, Seb LoebLive in Taupo, work at GNS Science, previous member of the New Zealand Ski Team, play Gaelic football for Wellington.
555Gareth McGregorTeam SSSNissan Sentra
603Graham WallaceMidas TaurangaToyota Levin
639Joshua RietemaJac RacingHonda Integra
666Pete ColemanTeam Nissan 1Nissan Pulsar AutechStill undecided and choosing from all the offersI'm basically a professional race driver - Season 1 (2013-2014)Nil. 2K popped my cherryScott McLaughlan, Rowan Atkinson & Ian WallaceMechanically challenged with a drinking problem.

The only 2-time winner of 1oak trophy!
Mechanically challenged with a drinking problem
696Sam ByrneOrange MotorsportMitsubishi Lancer MROrange Motor Co, Orange Automotive, Penrite, Repco, 24/7 TowingI tell people I'm a racing driver in pubs to impress and pick up - Season 4 (2016-2017)Karting as wee tackerJim Richards, Larry Perkins, Gerhard BergerMotorsport nerd who’s lucky enough to be able to pretend to be a race driverSam? Oh, that lanky fella with the Magoo glasses at the back of the grid.
747Leon SmithTiggrrRacingDihatsu DeTomaso
777Dan BagnallZen RacingToyota Levin
808Ben ThorpeFirestorm Advanced Racing TeamHonda Civic SiR
809Matthew "Ben's Faster" O'Gorman, Ben "I'm Faster" ThorpeFirestorm Advanced Racing Team (FART)Honda Integra DA8Tyreworx Steering and Balancing New Lynn, Craig Sharp OrthodonticThe hats in my wardrobe have a yellowish hue - Season 2 (2014-2015)One of the fastest taxis in the slow grid.Not sure, but something along the lines of "Man, Matthew is just the best", probably.
810Gordon McKercharFinal Touch (2AVFUN Racing Team 2)Honda Integra DC2Final Touch, Batch10 Where does the petrol go? Season 6 (2018-2019)Actual motorsport experience prior to this? Well I won a karting race at a corporate gig once...Mr Scott Dixon, Possum Borne, the Smith brothers, and so many other Kiwi's that have made us proud. Then there's all the good people in 2Kcup sharing the passion that makes all this possible and enables someone like me to be a racing driver.I guess I never really expected to become a famous racing driver. Well I mean I knew deep down of course that I had a rare talent for it but for so many years nobody else noticed. Perhaps just watching it on TV wasn't enough.
Then one fine summers day Mr James Smith sold me his race car and everything changed. That day may possibly go down as one of history's great turning points. That was the day that Gordon began a journey into what had up until that moment only ever been a dream. Becoming a Racing Driver... and the beginning of wanton self promotion.

Final Touch and polishing cars every day made it possible, My wife and 3 boys have been super supportive, and it's only a matter of time till there's more of us on the track . I can't wait.
818Steve Fistonichstick men racingToyota Celica
888Nik LowndesLowndes RacingNissan Pulsar VZR
931Alister HawkinsHawkins RacingBMW 318ti
969Quiet SouthQuiet South RacingHonda IntegraMe, Myself and IWhere does the petrol go? Season 6 (2018-2019)Lifetime of watching , does that count?Ricky BobbyI Like TurtlesGood things with a bit of luck.
999Donovan NeillQuiet South RacingToyota TruenoMe and sometimes mumWhere does the petrol go? Season 6 (2018-2019)Does watching count?Warren Crowther..... Is this a trick question?I also like turtlesWho?