“2KCUP gives fresh faced competitors an opportunity to compete in motorsport at a low entry cost and in a vast variety of vehicles. Vehicles are comparable in performance and offer no additional performance from when they originally rolled off the factory line.

Driving ability is what sets the pace rather than preparation or modifications”


Serving up the latest news we could be bothered posting on the site!

Season 7 is Official

Announcing Season 7 and our new sponsor… We have a big season coming up and firstly it involves announcing our title sponsor and new name for 2KCUP, the          “Store Rite Logistics 2KCUP”  Read more…

Season 6 Entry is up!

Entry for season 6 is up at https://goo.gl/forms/RHKCOHHmfvBKWxAf1 If new then please make sure to see what car numbers were taken last year (link on the form), existing numbers won’t be up for grabs until August Read more…