The purpose of this series is to give competitors an opportunity to compete in motorsport at a relatively low entry cost covering a vast variety of vehicles.

Aim: Irrespective of what is being driven or has been spent, anyone has a chance at winning the “Shield” race with consistently good and safe driving. Cars will be slow and cheap and because of this offer close racing. The post race auction will give competitors an incentive to spend less.


1.0: The organiser reserves the right to immediately (but not retrospectively) change the rules in the interest of event, vehicle or driver safety.

1.1: Unsafe Vehicles and/or Drivers: At the sole discretion of a 2KS may stop a competitor from competing with or without reason. This may be related but not limited to dangerous driving, breaking of the rules or bad sportsmanship.

1.2: Balance of performance: This series is aimed to be slow and cheap, cars will be policed via throttle restrictors or means declared by 2kshield overview with the goal of keeping the top speed below 150kmh and corner speeds slow.

1.3: Race Dates. Upcomming dates are:

  • 2KS I – 28th November – Hampton Downs 2.8km – HRC
  • 2KS II – 28th Feb – Pukekohe – HRC
  • 2KS III – 24rd April – Taupo – HRC


2.0: Vehicle Eligibility: Entry is limited to mass-produced four-wheeled vehicles that were legal for NZ road use at the time of their manufacture. 

2.1: Cars are expected to run in their factory level of trim and specification but if moving away from standard specification should keep rule 1.2 in mind.

2.2: Vehicle road registration is not required; however, vehicles that are not registered must have an homologated MSNZ safety cage fitted. Vehicles must have a WOF or be to WOF standard. 

2.3: Tire Eligibility: DOT-approved street tires that have a treadwear rating of 250 or more AND an RRP of less than $100. A SPEC tyre will be established once an ideal candidate is found.

2.4: All cars must conform to the current New Zealand Motorsport Manual Appendix Two Schedule A standards. All drivers must have a minimum of a C1 grade (National) MSNZ Race License. 

2.7: Cars must run the original size tyre or near to (less than a banana width change over).


  • Qualifying (10min)
  • Race 1 – 20min Reverse grid race based on qualifying times.
  • Race 2 – 20min Reverse grid race based on the best lap time from race 1.
  • Race 3 – Shield Race –  Gridded on the result from Race 2 but with top 10 reversed – Elimination race where the last 2 placed on track are eliminated every lap from lap 2 onwards.


4.1: There are none. The finishing order of the Shield race is what determines the order of winners and ultimately the Shield winner.


5.1 Approved fuels are 91 – 98 Octane, Diesel, Electricity, Hydrogen or cold fusion material where applicable.


6.1: Following the shield race the top 3 finishers race cars will go up for auction. Only those who have raced at the event in the same grid are eligible to place bids. Bidding via proxy is not allowed.

6.2: The base reserve price is $2000 with the following table applied over and above the starting reserve:

  • +$500 for a current WOF/Rego (Rego on hold ok)
  • +$500 if running the 2KS spec tyre (Rule 2.3)
  • +$1000 if it’s the first shield race for a car or driver.
  • +$1000 for a MSNZ approved safety structure (half cage/full cage)
  • +$1000 if the competitor has had to sell a car via this method in the last 12 months.
  • +$5000 if the car is a “Hybrid” (e.g. Toyota Prius)
  • +$10,000 if the car is primarily powered via electricity (e.g. Nissan Leaf). 
  • +$100,000 if the car is primarily powered via Hydrogen, Steam or Uranium.

6.3: The competitor will only receive the reserve price component. Anything over and above the reserve price will go into a prize pool for the next 2KS event and the car will be sold.

6.4: With prior approval from 2KCUP the seller can remove their aftermarket seats, belts and parts that have a high sentimental value before sale. Anything removed under 6.4 will be announced at the start of the auction so all prospective buyers are aware.

6.5: Should the seller refuse to complete the sale there will be a 12 month stand down before their entry may be considered again.

6.6: 2KS may pass in an auction if it deems the car not sale worthy or if 2KS deems the competitor has no right to sell the car. Rental/Borrowed cars must be declared before the event to be exempt from the sales process.