The Dunlop 800 is the premier annual event for the 2KCUP and is an event jointly enjoyed by the North and South Island Series. The event alternates between the South and North Island with 2018’s event being held at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park located in Taupo on 9th of June. Information regarding entering this event can be found at

The Dunlop 800 itself is an 800KM team endurance event run over a single day and entry is open to any car that meets either the North or South Island 2KCUP rules or as an alternative the BMW E30 series, in saying that many lemons type cars would also be eligible. The day starts with qualifying first thing in the morning followed by a LeMans style start from pit lane, all teams have to run a decent distance in fancy dress to release their teams car in order to stagger the release of cars onto the track, then it’s a race until either dusk or the 800km.

Not that fast? Great as if you are slow enough for either the Pro/AM or AM mix then you get a head start, the specifics can be found in the series regs.

It’s up to the team as to the makeup of drivers and cars, but generally speaking most teams have a few cars and a few drivers, pictured above is a team from last year. Single car teams are ok as well but you will still need a few drivers to share the load.

If you have any questions feel free to contact for more info.