The BBQ Committee Competitive Track Day V1 yesterday avo (30th Oct) was a success, with everyone getting a decent amount of track time. First timers and people interested in the 2kcup got a chance to see what its all about and meet some of the crew.

Mark and James got to try out the BBQ Committees new portable PA system courtesy of 2KCUP funds and our friends at 1-day NZ (who also shouted us some cokes for the end).

Feedback about our format was great with a large open pit session followed by a couple practice starts. Mark Mallard circled the track the whole evening (till he ran out of gas on the track!) in the Ssangyong Ute courtesy of Racer Products so people could follow his lines if they hadn’t been on track before.

The day was virtually incident free apart from a runaway MR2 hitting 444 on the skidpan! Sure don’t put on your handbrake after a race guys but do put a wheel or jack in front of the tyre before you go to the toilet!!

As the sun set we all had a chat and the BBQ committee shouted us some chips and waters to sustain us for the drive home.

Despite the low entry cost the 2kcup made a bit of money which of course will go straight back into the series.

Photos are up already at Media77 and are available for purchase via Facebook or their website.

Thanks to everyone for coming, roll on the 21st November!

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