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2KCUP Season 3

Large scale budget racing is making its return and we are pleased to announce that 2KCUP will be having rounds at all 4 North Island tracks with grids in excess of 100 cars. Season 3 dates are as follows:

2015-2016 Season 3
Round 1 – Hampton Downs – September 26th
Round 2 – Hampton Downs – November 21st
Round 3 – Pukekohe – December 12th
Round 4 – Manfeild – February 20th
Round 5 – Taupo – April 2nd
Round 6 – Hampton Downs – May 7/8th

BBQCTD V1 October 30 Hampton Downs Friday 5-7PM
BBQCTD V2 March 19 Hampton Downs 5-7PM

The BBQCTD rounds are not racing, but a more social track-day experience with like minded 2KCUP drivers. At a much cheaper rate than a race or track day it’s also a good chance for first timers to mix it without having to turn up to their first race day green. With grid starts to the sessions it’s a great chance to test the car, have a BBQ and unwind between rounds without the worry of placing.

2KCUP Committee’s

Over the years that it took 2KCUP to grow in to New Zealand’s largest race class, it became more and more apparent that we were starting to drop the ball in a few area’s. For season 3 we now have 3 new committee’s to sort out some very specific area’s. The chair of each committee is also what makes up the “2KCUP committee”.

Some will see this as having way to many people with authority, but that’s not what its about. It’s about having people throughout the series that have the capability to make the right decision when required. Should the “shit hit the fan” there is a simple dispute process written into the rules.

2KCUP Committee – Tasked with running the 2KCUP
James W, Mark M, Kent D, George M

Driver Standards Committee – Tasked with looking after driving standards
Mark M, Roman K, Jeremy T, Allan B, Ray W

BBQ committee – Tasked with looking after all the unwritten rules, newbies and social side.
Kent D, Paul S, Dave R, Mathew S, Paul G, Chris H

Technical committee – Tasked with looking after all things technical, maintaining and making sure the technical rules (section 2) is followed.
George M, Simon R, Stuart F, Mark G, Paul M, Wayne S

Season 3 Rules

Rules, rules and rules. Now that there is a technical committee they have produced a specific technical rule book that removes the possible grey area of “standard” that some may see, replacing it with specifics. As this is a new document it will most likely be tweaked over time, but it’s sure to be a good read for those who love to read rules and want to find ways to bend them. For the remaining majority you can probably just refer to the main rule book unless you want clarification on something in particular.

The General Rules are still the backbone of the 2KCUP and should be all that is required when looking to join. There are a fair bit of changes going into season 3 but the two overall principals still remain strong, “Buy a car and race it”  and “Race the car, not the Bank”.

Season 3 General Rules Linkhttps://goo.gl/HEcC1n – changes are marked in Red for ease of comparing with season 1/2 rules.
Season 3 Technical Rules Link – https://goo.gl/KSpQG8 – Again, this should only need to be read if your not sure about what’s allowed after reading the general rules, or if you want a fright on how many pages can be written about what we consider “Standard”.


We are please to announce the EuroCUP, a new class for season 3 the EuroCUP is aimed to continue the diversity seen in the cars competing. The idea was to maintain the cheap entry cost of getting a car but cater for those that want something competitive, albeit a bit different. Euro’s have always been eligible in the 2KCUP but the EuroCUP is special in that a flywheel limit of 180hp has replaced the capacity limit of 2000cc, this is due most $2000 2000cc euro’s generally having a very low output to cc ratio when compared with the Japanese equivalents.

EuroCUP specific rules are as follows:

4.7: The Euro Cup runs to the same 2KCUP rules but the following exceptions take precedence over section 2:

4.7.1: Engine capacity is not limited if the factory rated engine power is 180HP or less.

4.7.2: Car models must be European or have competed in a European touring class between 1980 and 2000, unless they are Japanese in which case they are not eligible.

4.7.3: Cars must not be faster than 1:23.00 at Hampton Downs.


The SpiritCUP has been introduced to set a line in the sand as to how fast a run down 2KCUP car could possibly go, much like any car is when its bought for the series. The result is a cup where there are minimum lap times imposed at all tracks to avoid having to fix the car in order to stay competitive. Stuffed leads or a tired motor that’s seen better days? You can be sleep easy knowing that you can leave it stuffed and still have a chance in the SpiritCUP. We have also made the decision to jointly award the 2KCUP to the overall winner as well as the SpiritCUP winner.

Driver Protection

Starting from season 3 we are moving towards higher levels of safety than is otherwise required by MSNZ. In season 3 the new minimum is:

2.16: All cars running a faster Hampton Downs laptime than 1:24.0 must fit a suitable racing seat and harness as per “schedule A” of the MSNZ Motorsport Manual.

In the coming seasons the level of safety for cars breaking a certain lap time will be increased, but this is more of a token gesture to document what the vast majority of competitors have already done.


We are pleased to announce that Dunlop Motorsport are going to continue offering the series an awesome price on Dunlop DZII’s, the ultimate tyre for what is now any 2KCUP car. For season three it has been written into rules to allow greater access to the tire:

2.14: Cars must run the original sized tyre OR have the option of running a Dunlop DZII 195/55/15 if they came with 14 or 15” Rims factory OR Dunlop DZII 205/50/16 if the car came factory with 16” wheels

Adding some more key info…

Apart from the above, the rules feature quite a few small tweaks so make sure to have a read.

Going forward there is going to be a series newsletter on the first of each month that pulls together upcoming events and other crucial information. This should help with continuity of information.

Our Facebook page and website will be used for publishing information as it comes to hand.

During season 3 we will be giving twitter a go for constant race day updates, for example when grids or results are released you can set your phone up to get a twitter push notification.

This will be the last email you receive from the season 2 mailing list, so if you don’t enter season 3 you will not continue to get emails.

We are currently in negotiations to broker a cheaper entry fee for competitors on the condition we meet certain grid sizes, nothing is confirmed yet but your early entry in the series will help gauge numbers and give 2KCUP greater leverage.

Race numbers for season 3 will be locked to what was used in season 2 until September 1st, following September 1st any number not in use will be released back into the availability pool.

2KCUP has a “Media Car” for season 3, a mighty Toyota Levin, this car is free to hire for any media personal that wish to cover the 2KCUP with team points going to the “Media” team.

Upcoming Events for August

Saturday 22nd
A few of the 2KCUP’ers are heading to Hampton Downs on the 22nd to test and will be available for any questions or queries if anyone is looking to get into the series. I will also be there doing some 2KCUP profiles for the website.

Kind Regards,
James Watson