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2KCup DUNLOP 800

The LeMans 24 Hour is only 4 hours away, but already teams have started turning their attention to the next big race, the DUNLOP 800. In order to take part we need your entries as soon as possible. You don’t have to pay straight away but you do need to enter so that we can firm up numbers, go to to make this happen. Please let us know if you have given us an expression of interest and we have not contacted you or confirmed your team by emailing

Cars racing will need to enter and the fee paid along with the main driver of the car ($300 +$33), also note that ALL additional drivers will need to enter separately with their details and pay their $33 fee. A self picked team can make a single $1000 entry but all drivers will still need to enter their details. We can sort this out with you so email bbq to make sure you leave us a phone number to talk with you.

Note all drivers for the 800 will need to have C class racing licences. This is not a track day! Please tie in with your team mates via email or phone and enter (preferably at the same time) so we can track the teams and note if any teams need to be modified.

There are still spots available for full teams and a couple spots for single entries as well. Contact bbq so we can save you a spot while they last. At just over $300 dollars for up to three hours racing it’s the best bang for buck we have ever offered. We also have the Track for 2 hours on Friday which we would like everyone to take advantage of and get all documentation out of the way at this time so the Saturday is as stress free as possible. So that will be a possible 5 hours of track time or approx 200 laps of track time for $333


DUNLOP 800 Prize Pool

Now lets give a recap of the prize haul so far, this has been reported on facebook but we know about 20% aren’t on there. So far we have prizes from:

Dunlop – CRC – Jamex Tools – Plastic Constructions – Bahco – Renegade Trailers

First Prize:

Three Dunlop Hats!!! possibly the most prestigious prize in the 2KCUP! As you can wear them to future events to tell people you have actually won a race, wear them at home to tell the wife/partner, kids and pets how great a driver you are, or if you are single, crying yourself to sleep at night always looks better in one of these bad boys, wearing one of these to the shops has shown a 16% success rate for those looking for love as well.


Second only to the hats the winner of the Dunlop 800 will receive $600 of Credit at Dunlop to split with the team to cover some of the costs of racing, as many of you have found out The Dunlop Direzza Z2 has really been an amazing tyre for a lot of us in the series, so a prize like this is amazing.

A MASSIVE thanks to Dunlop for coming on as our main sponsor and to make things even better, there is even another $1200 worth of Dunlop credit still to be allocated.

Second and third place prizes to be announced shortly.


CRC have kindly donated a full box of 12 cans of CRC Brakleen, We have decided the whole lot is to go to the team that can show us they have had the biggest brake issue of the Dunlop 800. If your brakes catch on fire or crumble into next to nothing and you end up running steel on steel Ray Williams style, all is not lost! You and your team will walk away with some CRC Brakleen to clean up the next set you get.

We will need evidence of this in the form of photos or footage that we can later post on Facebook! In the case of multiple disintegration’s we will do a back to back comparison of munted pads and the winner will take the prize! While we are on this subject, it may be a good time to remind everyone to check your brakes before you race the 800 guys!!


We are offering 3 CRC gift packs to the Best Presented team! This could be the the attire that they come to drivers briefing in (nudity, although appreciated will result in exclusion- this is a family show people) or how they have matching colour schemes on their car, its really an open invitation to show some flair.

Get your thinking caps as to how you can make your team the best dressed at the Dunlop 800 and big thanks to CRC for supporting the 800!


During the race we will be having the Jamex pit stop challenge. This will be to test the skills of the people in the pits.

Teams will race to change a tyre, they must only use equipment that comes with the car, so no flash jacks or rattle guns. This is a fun challenge not to be done with a car that is coming off the track.

Thanks to the kind folk at Jamex you will win a 2 tonne jack. Remember Jamex for springs, seats and belts. Also they have come out with a great new tool range for all your 2KCUP tool needs.


Renegade Trailers

Renegade trailers

No sorry we aren’t giving away a trailer!

Renegade Trailers has kindly donated a massive prize pack of tools and various automotive products for the “Shoulda bought a RENEGADE Trailer” Prize! Pretty self explanatory that one. Renegade trailers is an awesome New Zealand company pumping out some innovative well priced trailers. And is operated by one of our own Glen Reid. Check out their work and give them a “like” on the Renegade Trailers facebook page.

There are many more prizes to be announced in the coming days, we will try and get another email out in a week or so to let you all know If you or your company would like to support this prestigious event please get in contact.



2KCUP Going Forward

This is the only part of the email I have actually written, everything above has been put together by others in the 2KCUP. An ideology of “many hands make light work” has been applied regarding the various committees being formed for season 3. In the next few days an email regarding the make up of the 2KCUP will be sent out to all, then shortly after that another email will be sent confirming additions to the DUNLOP 800 prize pool.

Kind Regards,
James Watson

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