Round 6 Entry

Round 6 – 2nd and 3rd May Taupo

The final round is only just over a week away and entires are starting to pour in, if you haven’t already done so please enter via the link at the top of the email.

Taupo Round 5
Taupo was a great round in terms of driver behaviour and as a result there was no where near the amount of damage that was seen at the last Taupo round. There was still a lot of passing under yellow but the drivers in the wrong were willing to own up and learn from their mistakes, we will be requesting officials give no lenience at the next round.
Final Round Format
The final round will be different from the regular format of having all the racing on a single day in that racing will be over two days, the weekend will be split as follows:

Those outside the top 40 entered will practice and then race on the Saturday, the grid will be decided by qualifying position and will be a standard grid start.

Top 40 cars entered via championship points practise and race, the grid is set by Championship position reversed (1st in points is 40th on grid), the start will be a staggered start with 10 cars going every 10 seconds (4 groups).

Points and other details
Points will doubled for the final round and pitstops are mandatory with a single 60 second pitstop between the 20 and 40min mark.

If we need to run 3 grids, Sunday will stay as normal and the extra grid will run Saturday, this means if you are ~50th or higher in the points, you will most likely run the Saturday either way.

Current points can be found HERE

The 2KCUP will be invoking the $2500 rule for whoever wins the 2KCUP, if you don’t sell there will be no points or win awarded and the next highest placed team willing to sell their primary car will take the championship. This is to make sure that whoever does win the cup did so in the spirit of 2KCUP by not spending more than they are prepared to loose. At 2KCUP you can win at all costs, but only once.

Some teams are also entering twice for the final round, with two grids anyone in the top40 grid can also enter the Saturday grid as a second separate entry. If 3 grids are needed, teams can also double enter the Saturday races. In both cases it will be treated as a separate entry.

Grids will be released on Wednesday, any entries after then will become Saturday entries. I will send out an email as soon as it becomes a 3 grid weekend.

Prizegiving will be held about an hour or so after the race on the Sunday for the 2014-2015 Championship once final points are calculated.

Attempt at video.
We hacked together some content from the last round:

We will be doing something similar but hopefully better for the final round.

2KCUP Dunlop 800
Register your interest to take part in the Dunlop 800 at – We are past the half way mark in terms of the max of 32 teams (so everyone gets a garage), with 1 and possibly 2 teams being 100% South Island teams running 2KCUP SI cars. Priority will be given for those that register their interest first.

Kind Regards,
James Watson

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