Points for round 4 are coming soon, this following a fair shakeup once the penalties have been applied. Those affected will be made public in a future post (they should have all be notified by now), but here’s a blurb:
“Taupo was going great with 5 clean 2KCUP races, that was until the final race took place, Race 6 (Race 2, Group 3) was our worst race to date in terms of car damage. The 2KCUP spirit was weak and many drivers lost their cool and drove like muppets, taking risks that ruined the fun for others when it didn’t work out.
The BBQ committee (Kent, Mark, Craig, Mark, Wayne, Dave) and James Watson have approved the below as punishment, the next step is to kick out offenders all together, take the below as a warning shot.”
1 Team has been banned for a round
2 Teams have had their race 2 points removed
1 Team has had half their race points removed
1 Team has been told to stop driving over defensively
1 Team has been told Karma already kicked in.
The BBQ at round 5 will also be manned by the two drivers who had a bit of an argument following the race, “if the sausages are not ready on time it will be treated as a car contact.”
Here is the last part:
“Global Decision for above drivers:
-Are on notice and will be reviewed after next race meeting.
-Must have upside down L plates fitted at next round both front and rear.
-Must take part in spark plug challenge during first qualifying session.
Spark Plug Challenge:
Drivers will start qualifying with no spark plugs in pit lane, only once the session starts they will be given the tools and plugs to fit, they can join the session once they are belted in and car is running. They may receive help from 1 team member.”
We will get the cars parked together for the Spark Plug challenge so as to make a spectacle out of it.

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