Round 4 Entry

Round 4 – 1st March Taupo

Our next round is only a month away and entry is now live at This will the first of two rounds at Taupo this year and with another 10 rookies joining the series there is the possibility of seeing 100+ cars in attendance.

Unlike some previous rounds there will be full length 33min races and because of this I want to remind all drivers that in order to finish first, first you must finish. We will be paying special attention to those rejoining the track out of control and/or passing under yellows, it needs to stop as the officials are starting to make a point of it.

Time for the twist, the first of the two Taupo rounds will be on the short track, this means it’s all about the corners and it will probably cause a shake up in the championship as a result. The format for the day (Sunday) will be to have 3 grids and qualifying will be split in to 3 groups based off Championship position. It is unconfirmed if the test day on the Friday will be the short track, but they are trying to have this done. There will also be a special 2KCUP test session on the full track on the Saturday at around 4:30, this will definitely be on the full track due to the karts running on this track during the day.

Taupo Dinner 28th Feb

The BBQ Committee, mostly Dave, have organised a get together on the evening before we race at Taupo. Already there seems to be good number keen so we have booked it in at Ploughman’s pub – 45 Charles Crescent, Rainbow Point, Taupo @ 7PM, $25 Main plus drinks. 2KCUP will be paying for some breads and what not. Please R.S.V.P. via this form –

2KCUP Media

The series now has a camera that will be used for driver interviews as well as general video and pictures. Have a think about what you want to say should you be chucked in front of the camera, also feel free to borrow the 2KCUP in car camera’s during the day if the series hasn’t asked someone to fit one already. The more media content we can put on the website, facebook, forum and youtube the more interest we can generate in the series.

Race Day BBQ

We will be having another race day BBQ at Taupo, this is a chance to mix it with the other guys and have a laugh, there will probably be the usual speech and talk. With a bit of luck we will also be able to show off the fancy new 2KCUP trophy, it’s going to have a plaque for each year with the round winners and overall winner.

BBQ Committee

The BBQ committee can now be contact on The committee will be up for election at the end of the season and it will be run in much the same way as last year via the 2KCUP forum. Anyone can be nominated by another person as long as they are a driver in the series and votes will be taken via a private poll that only drivers have access to. I have found the BBQ committee has been an awesome help this season and they have proven that many hands make light work.

Welcome to the newbies

We are constantly having new signups to the series so I thought I would list a few of the rookies that have signed up during January:

  • #43 Team Cerious – Tim Elliott – Toyota Corolla Ceres Sedan 1.6L Cup
  • #70 Blade Racing    – Tony Jenks  – Honda Integra VTi-R Coupe 1.8L Cup
  • #128 Africa Racing Team – Paul Greaney – Honda Civic MX Hatch Back 1.6L Cup
  • #679 Hutchnuts racing  – Craig Hutchby – Honda Civic lxi Sedan 1.6L Cup

It’s good to see that the 2KCUP is still attracting rookies on mass.

2KCUP Winter Enduro

Thanks to the feedback received over the last few weeks we have started to craft the final shape of rules for this event on the 4th of July. The 2KCUP 800 will be an 800km endurance round held once annually during the winter. There will be a total of 32 grid spots available and the style of race will be an endurance relay race with either self picked or randomly selected teams. Teams will consist of 3 or more cars with a minimum of 3 drivers. The entry costs will be a base entry of $300 per car plus a driver fee of $33ea for those in randomly selected teams. If a team submits their own team there is a cost of $1000 per team which consists of 3 cars and 3 drivers, additional drivers or cars are charged at the base entry rate. Each team will receive a spot on the grid and it’s own 2 car team garage.

Option A:

The teams list will be released 2 weeks prior, the random draw will be done as follows:

All entries will be collated and split into 3 thirds in regards to pace, top – middle – bottom. Then a random draw will be taken from each pool for each team. This means all teams will have an overall similar pace that consists of 1 top, 1 middle and 1 bottom car.

Each team will be sent an individual email once the teams are released with it containing their team mates details to allow for adequate planning and preparation.

All drivers that have competed at a 2KCUP summer round will be given automatic entry. Any other driver is at the discretion of the event organisers.

Option B:

A group of Drivers can submit their own team before May 31st, it must consist of at least 3 cars and drivers and can only have 1 driver that would be considered a top 1/3rd seed. 2KCUP will intentionally disband any “dream team” combinations so as to keep the competition as close as possible, it’s no fun for anyone if the winner is known before the race even starts.

All drivers that have competed at a 2KCUP summer round will be given automatic entry and priority. Any other driver is at the discretion of the event organisers.

12 Hour General Rule and Outline V1.0

1.All rules are the same as the summer 2KCUP series apart from any change which follows, in which case the 12 hour rules take precedence:

2.1 Any car that enters pit lane cannot rejoin the circuit until 10 minutes after it comes to a complete stop. Should only 1 car remain in the team it may rejoin the track in 10min if it has been seeded as a fast car or immediately if seeded as a lower ⅔ car.

2.2 Any team car can rejoin the circuit immediately once the incoming team (different) car comes to a complete stop in pit lane.

2.3 If any car stops on track and is unable to continue the other car in the team may start upon return of the team baton or a new baton will be issued 15 minutes after the last completed lap.

2.4 Any car on the track must be carrying the team baton.

3.No refueling is to be done in pit lane unless there is a single car left in the team.

4.No car in the team can race for longer than an accumulated total of 4 hours, it is expected that teams will split the drive evenly at about 2-3 hours (total) per car/driver. An exemption may be given.

5.Teams must update the event log book (located in the timing hut) with current driver and car, failure to do so will result in the car being brought into pit lane until the log is correct.

6.The start will be a “Le Mans” style start with the driver already being belted up ready to go, another team member will cross from the other side with car keys on the drop of the Flag.

7.Teams may combine at the discretion of the 2KCUP organisers once the race has started. The combined teams position will be determined from lowest placed team in the new combination.

8.At midday (12:00) a red flag will be dropped for a duration of 30-60min for lunch, the exact duration will be dependent on if the race is running behind time or not. During this break the teams are not allowed to work on any car and must attend the BBQ.

9.The starting grid will be determined by heaviest (kg) driver on pole with lightest at the back.

What’s in the next newsletter?

  • Details of the next license night
  • The sponsor behind the winter enduro
  • What the track format will be for the Friday test day
  • Next seasons race dates
  • and much more, should be out in a week or so.

Last and who cost the least, the 2KCUP suppliers

Just a reminder that the series have a few suppliers that sell discounted product for 2KCUP’ers, check the 2KCUP website for more details

  • Dunlop – Richard from Dunlop has just landed another 100 195/55/15 DZ2 tires.
  • EBC Brakes – Lyall from EBC is your one stop shop for anything relating to brakes.
  • Jamex – Keith supplys the 2KCUP BBQ, but also does Seats, springs, belts and pretty much anything car related.
  • Vortex Racewear – Richard from Vortex can help you out with anything racewear related and gives a healthy discount if you mention 2KCUP.

Kind Regards,
James Watson

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