Given that 2013 is coming to a close I decided to compare the 2KCUP against all the other race classes over NZ from over the last few months, this will help determine how close the 2KCUP racing really is in today’s Motorsport environment.

I used to provide all the results and then ranked by qualifying times. I have then determined how close a class is by comparing the difference in lap time from the 8th, 16th, 24th and 32nd placed cars against the 1st placed car.

As the average amount of cars across all 63 classes is 17, I took the 1st-16th difference as being the best indication of how competitive a class really is. Below is the results table:

[table id=10 /]

Going by the above results it can be seen that the 2KCUP classes come in at 2nd and 10th overall, this would conclude that the 2KCUP is one of the closest, cheapest and biggest racing series in NZ.

Reasons for not judging closeness off race results:

  • All series have different race distances.
  • Crashes would influence results.
  • Mechanical Failures would influence results.
  • Some series run handicap grids.
  • Some series would be off the list as they do not get enough finishers.
  • Deciding which race result is taken would be to hard, along with averaging results.
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