Round 3 Entry

Round 3 Entry is up on under “2013 Outsource IT Xmas at the Downs, 8 December”, so far we have 27 Entries. TACCOC will be giving us the full 2 x 33min Race length for both grids!

2KCUP Twilight Trackday

2KCUP have hired HamptonDowns for the 29th of November from 5-7pm, this is the week before round 3 and is a great chance to test the car before race day. We will be running it as an open pit for 2 Hours. More details at

Motorsport License Evening (C Grade) 18th November

HRC are holding a Motorsport License evening for the 2KCUP, this will be an evening to sit your National Race License (C Grade) and also join the HRC car club if you are not already a member of a car club. For more info –

Series Milestone

As of tonight we now have 100 Teams entered in the series, the breakdown being 62 2KCUP, 30 1.6L and 8 1.5L.

Some stats for 2KCUP as it stands at the moment:

100 Series Entries
203 Websites link back to (forums, news, etc)
254 Hours of video has been played on the 2KCUP youtube channel
1100 Facebook Likes
1504 Emails received about the 2KCUP
~3,300 Unique Visitors to the website each month

2KCUP Lap Consistency

I was interested to see who were the most consistent drivers in the 2KCUP and in doing so I have produced results for what could be called the “Consistency Cup”.

Round 1 – Race 2 – % of laps completed within 1 second of best lap time. 17 laps total.

Top 10
76% #323 Simon Rollinson
71% #2 J Watson
65% #5 C Watson
59% #205 Mad Dog Racing
47% #24 T&C Motorsports
47% #112 Jamex Too
47% #77 Toymota Racing
41% #44 Go Gordy Go
41% #48 Asgard Racing
35% #85 Kurt Pearce

Round 2 – Race 2 – % of laps completed within 1 second of best lap time. 18 laps total.

Top 10
83% #121 Team Williams
78% #185 Car Care Center
61% #31 J Gardner
50% #32 Renegade Trailers
50% #33 Paul Smith
50% #37 Green Leaf
44% #86 JC Racing
39% #232 LPML racing team
33% #96 B Carey/M Grover
33% #22 Team Charmon

Consistency is key and it will be interesting to see what the top 10 percentages are by the end of the season.

My next email will be in 2 weeks when I will confirm the current entries for round 3, please enter sooner rather than later.

Kind Regards,
James Watson

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