Hi All,I am keeping it simple for this newsletter, please reply to this email if you are entering two drivers for round 1 so that I can get an idea of numbers.

Entry for round 2 will be going up this week at www.motorsportentry.com, only enter round 2 if you missed out on round 1. If any spots remain 2 weeks before round 2, they will then be offered to round 1 entrants.

Tickets will be kept at Gate 2 for all entrants.

If you are running an in car camera (GoPro or similar) I would like to download your footage on the day for our 2KCUP youtube channel. Please bring the appropriate cable for your camera and I will talk more about this at our drivers briefing before race 1.

Schedule for Saturday September 28th:

• 07:15 Documentation/Scrutineering Commences
• 08:15 Documentation/Scrutineering Concludes
• 08:30 2KCup Practice/Qualifying – 10 min
• 08:45 Rotary Open Practice/Qualifying (2KCup second drivers can piggyback onto this session for their 4 laps)
• 10:00 2KCup Drivers Briefing outside the pavilion (big white building on the inside of the track)
• 11:00 Race 1 – 25min
• 15:20 Race 2 – 25min
• 16:00 2KCup Prizegiving
• 16:25 BNT V8 SuperTourers – Race One

For sake of fairness the second drivers lap times will not count for the grid. The reason being there will be far less traffic for the second drivers to negotiate through/let past (faster times), I also want there to be no reason why any of the second drivers didn’t give way to the rotor guys who will be substantially quicker. The sole reason for the second driver to qualify is so that they get the minimum of 4 laps under their belt.

Race 1 is gridded from the practice times, Race 2 is then gridded from the results of race 1. This format means it is essential to finish race 1 otherwise you’re off the back of the grid for race 2.

Make sure to be there on time as we are the first ones on the track!

Entry’s for Round one:

# Team Name    Make    Model    Year
#93 F&S Racing    Alfa    33 16V    1993
#115 Hammer Racing    Honda    Integra    1992
#333 Craig Tyer    Honda    Integra    1993
TBA    Honda    Integra    1994
#666 G.V.I    Honda    Integra    1993
#999 Auckland Ssangyong    Honda    Integra    1994
#15 Battle Toad    Honda    Integra    1990
#38 TZR    Honda    Civic    1996
#8 MTT Insurance Racing    Mazda    Lantis    1995
#24 T&C Motorsports    Mazda    Lantis    1995
#323 Simon Rollinson    Mazda    Lantis    1994
#65 Elmo Racing–Denzie Family    Nissan    Cefiro    1989
#96 B Carey/M Grover    Nissan    Bluebird    1996
#14 Team Cressy    Nissan    Pulsar    1992
#33 Paul Smith    Opel    Vectra    1991
#70 Team Pugwash    Peugeot    306 GTi 6    1997
#9 Bax    Peugeot     205GTI    1990
TBA    Peugeot     205GTI    1990
#132 L McAuley    Renault    Megane    1998
#17 Harry Bowers    Toyota    MR2    1990
#55 Smith Crew    Toyota    MR2    1995
#86 JC Racing    Toyota    MR2    1992
#2 J Watson    Toyota    MR2    1994
#77 Toymota Racing    Toyota    MR2    1990
#5 C Watson    Toyota    Curren    1994
#52 TBA    Toyota    Curren    1994
#4 R Williams    Toyota    Celica    1994
#13 Tony Olissoff    Toyota    Celica    1994
#60 G McQuaid    Toyota    Celica    1996
#71 Rob Turnbull    Toyota    Celica    1993
#112 Jamex Too    Toyota    Levin    1996
#111 Jamex    Toyota    Levin    1997
#88 Two Guys One Cup    Honda    Civic Si    1988
#832 Nasty Old Bastards    Honda    CRX Si    1988
#42 Moose Motorsport    Mazda    MX-5    1989
#101 Paul T    Toyota    Levin    1992
#54 LLL FUN FIX    Toyota    Levin    1994
#11 A Taylor    Toyota    Levin    1992
#222 TEAM LOLZ    Toyota    Levin    1995
#44 Go Gordy Go    Toyota    Trueno    1991
#717 Bryce Fergusson    Toyota    Trueno    1993
#286 Boi Racing Weazel    Toyota    FX-GT    1986
#27 Dave Rooney    Toyota    Corolla FXGT    1992
#48 Asgard Racing    Toyota    Corolla    1999
#25 BlackJack    Honda    Civic    1992
#7 Wayne Scott    Mazda    Familia    1990

On Standby if anyone pulls out before race 1:

Kurt    Pearce
Stuart    Read

Last but not least, keep these two things in the back of your mind when on the track:

• Firstly, a driver must not cause an avoidable accident.
• Secondly, drivers must give each other “racing room”.

See you all on Saturday,

James Watson

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