Season 4 Round 1

There is still time to enter round 1 of 2KCUP season 4 and entry can be found at under “Waikato Challenge 2016”. Currently there are 77 Entries which means 15 spots remain until we are at two capacity grids!

On the Thursday before Round 1 (22nd) from 7PM on we will be the Auckland Car Club Clubrooms (44 Stoddard Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland) so we can complete advanced documentation and scrutineering for round 1. I would suggest that every driver make an attempt to attend as it saves the mad rush on race day.

We didn’t get around to organising a BBQ for this weekend but there will definitely be a BBQ at round 1.

Tech Committee

Thanks to George and the team for their work last season. For season 4 there is a new tech committee in town and they have one warning, “Make sure your cars are legal cause we are checking”. The tech committee consists of Warren Horner-Pascoe, Stuart Fox, Chris Greaney, Allan Bradley and Alan Carpenter. Don’t even bother asking these guys if you can break the rules.

BBQ Committee

Chucky Habershon, Paul Smith, Paul Greaney, Phil Page, Hugh Parris & Scott De Boer will be heading up the BBQ committee for season 4. These are the go to guys if you want to break the rules.

Pukekohe Round 4

The date for this race meeting is now 11/12th February with 2KCUP still to settle what day we will run. They have requested the Sunday but as this goes against our normal race on Saturday, repair on Sunday, drive to work on Monday routine we want to take a showing of hands at round 1 as to what we settle on.

A word from Terry at MSNZ

Under the provisions of Appendix Two Schedule A, the various requirements around Homologated Safety Structures for vehicles participating in Race Events are:
For all Open Vehicles and for all Closed Vehicles that are not Road Registered with a current WOF and Licencing, a Safety Rollbar as a minimum is mandatory and a full Safety Cage is optional.  The definition provided for a ‘Road registered vehicle’ is a vehicle with a current valid licence label and WOF.

Once these vehicles have a safety structure installed and the registration licencing and/or WOF is no longer valid the vehicle then becomes a ‘dedicated motorsport vehicle’ and other requirements under Schedule A come into effect, such as an external ignition circuit breaker must be installed near the bottom of the windscreen.

For all Closed vehicles that are road registered (that is hold a current licence label and WOF) then a homologated safety structure, be that a full safety cage or a safety rollbar becomes optional but recommended.

It is important to gain an understanding of all the requirements. The MotorSport regulations are designed to enable people to participate in the various levels of competition with the minimum of obstacles where the absolute minimum of modifications have been effected on the vehicle and the measure used to determine that generally is the ability for the vehicle to continue to be used as a ‘daily driver’. Once the intended use of the vehicle changes, such as no longer being a ‘daily driver’ then the level of safety requirements also changes.

Additionally, when having roll protection installed you will need to choose between a full safety cage and a safety rollbar or half cage.  The full safety cage obviously will provide you with better protection but there are additional requirements such as four or more strap safety harness becoming mandatory. Sometimes that may also require the installation of competition seats for the harness to work properly. Further-more, if the vehicle is to be used on the public roads these modifications will require an LVV Authority card for the vehicle in order to obtain a WOF.

The MotorSport Manual, Appendix Two Schedule A specifies all of these requirements and where there is any uncertainty then the Technical Staff at the MotorSport office are always available to answer specific questions.
I hope this might help steer people in the right direction and we are always available to help by phone.
Many thanks and good luck for the up-coming series.
Kind regards
Terry Carkeek
MotorSport NZ
69 Hutt Road
Ph: + 64 4 8158088
Mob: 021 378446

2KCUP Apparel

Recently we ordered a selection of 2KCUP branded shirts and we’re happy with the quality and time for shipping. We have chosen to go with redbubble as people can order a selection of things without 2KCUP having to do anything or hold any stock, we just take a small cut.

Prices are in USD. Shirts start at $19.45, shipping starts at $4 and goes up ~$1 per item. Slow shipping takes ~6 days. They frequently run promotions for 15-30% discounts, current 15% discount code is HAPPY15

Our first artwork can be found at…/…/23139991-2kcup-2016-2017-tracks

Keep in mind the tracks will not show well on a black or dark item and the sizing is pretty standard and for reference I (James) am a large on their sizing.

I hope to see you all at the ACC clubrooms Thursday week,

Kind Regards,
James Watson