Season 4

It’s time to enter round 1 of 2KCUP season 4 and entry can be found at under “Waikato Challenge 2016”.

Entry costs have gone up slightly this year but 2KCUP have been able to negotiate a $30 discount with HRC (Round 1,3,5,6) and hope to do so with the other car clubs (2,4) that we work with. Hampton Downs rounds now incur a $28.75 “Health and Safety” levy (imposed by HD), this means the HD rounds will cost $328.75 and the others will be $270-300 depending on discount.

I did some fudging of the race numbers and changed about 7 new car’s in the series to have a 1 or 11 before the desired number so as to not conflict with an existing series competitor. Please have a look at to confirm your team details. If you cannot find your team or want another number please feel free to email me. I will not be fudging any more numbers for existing competitors, it’s now first come first served.

If you have not entered the series yet please fill in the form here –

Round 1

Due to feedback and in order to ease into Round 1, the BBQ committee have been asked to put on a season 4 BBQ the weekend before round 1. This will be a chance to tell some lies about what you have done to the car on the off season but also gives a chance to have the series check anything your not sure about. Details for this will be confirmed soon.

On the Thursday before Round 1 (22nd) we are planning to have another get together, but this one is a little more serious as we want to complete advanced documentation and scrutineering for round 1. At this stage we are planning to invade a car clubs clubrooms but we will confirm the details soon. I would suggest once the details are confirmed that every driver make an attempt to attend as it saves the mad rush on race day.

Then we get to race day on the 24th!. Just so everyone is on the same page we will have a series drivers briefing before or after the main drivers briefing (depending on the program) and we will say things like:

-Drive sensibly, this is the first race of the season and all your cars are looking half decent, lets keep it that way.
-Make sure you know what qualifying group you are in (this will be released in the days prior, I seed off last years points)
-In the rare case we have a safety car restart, make sure not to tailgate the safety car once the lights go out as that means the race is about to go green. Also make sure to bunch up on the restart.
-Make sure you know what flag drop you go off on race 2, it’s a reverse staggered start with 10 cars every 10 seconds. I will be videoing all the starts for our social channels, it will also be used against you if you jump the start.
-When things do go wrong make sure the first thing you do is keep the ego in check and go talk with the other driver. Shit happens but make sure your learn from it, even if your not the one at fault.

Once the qualifying sessions are done the results will be combined and the groups decided on top and bottom half for the rest of the day. I will move people between grids for race 2 if it makes sense but generally there will not be any mandated promotion/relegation.

Points will be done following Race 1 and 2 and updated via the social channels. There will also be video snippets uploaded throughout the day such as race starts and short interviews.

In the next newsletter (~1st September),

We have some 2KCUP shirts on the way for testing, if we like them we will provide a link so you can get your hands on some official shirts, we will also confirm all the committees at the same time and Tyre giveaways at all rounds for season 4!

Feel free to unsubscribe at the bottom of this email if your not wanting the season 4 emails, I have emailed all just in case anyone from last season was interested.

Kind Regards,
James Watson