The entries are in and we have a grand total of 79 drivers entered to represent a total of 21 teams.

You will notice the teams below have letters, this is so that if your cars are not running the same number we can tell what team that car is part of (you need not bother if all cars have the same number). We want you to have the letter marked next to the race number on the drivers side, you can use tape or whatever but just make sure it can be read from the pit lane if the car is out on track. Teams for the event are as follows:

A. Andrew Kitching/Paul Crowther/Paul Booth
C. Chris Watson/Karl Driver/Chris Hooker
D. Dave Rooney/Peter Edwards/Neil Mallard
E. David Medricky/Gordy Murray/Dave Bailey – Team Serenpidity
F. Hugh Parris/Reon/Glen/Marc Barlow – Rainbow Warrior
G.Gareth Davis/Stu Fox/Allan Bradley/Greg Crammond Yeti,Fox,Gorilla and Hot Fuzz Racing
H. Ian Kerr/Phil Page/Tony Jenks/Rob Turnbull
J. Ian Wallace/James Parkinson/Steve Fistonich – Team Blacktop
K. Jason Quayle/Craig Stephens/Dave Verryt – Thomsons ITM race team 2016
L. Kris Brown/Tim Dosset/Andrew Gibson – Dirty South Racing
M. Mark Grover/Rob McAllister/Dave Burke/Jahl Marshall/Sean Gordon
N. Mark Mallard/James Watson/Roman K
P. Neil Dewar/John Mc Millan/Paul Millar/Dave Burggraaf/Doug Hanna/Walter de Wit
R. Paul Greaney/Chris Greaney/Warren Horner Pascoe
S. Paul Smith/James smith/Martin Taylor
T. Richard Gore/Shaun Perwick/Daniel German/Dean Olliff/Dean Olliff – Old Gregs Black Lake Racing Team
U.Rob Whaley/Ed Harrison- VELOCITY RACING
V. Stephen Guckert/Victor Cattermolehi/Michael gunstone/Matthew Evers-Carmichael – triple s euro
W. Steve Cox/Jon Scrivin/Josh Penny
X. Ben Thorpe/Shane Geddes/Hayden Geddes
Y. Neil Rose/Matt Rose/David Dalziell/Kent Dalziell/Mike Davidson

Important notes for race day:

Special note – Teams need to do documentation together as one.

1) During Practice, 2 cars from each team are allowed on track at the same time and we would like all cars to complete a couple of laps and nothing more, this is to make sure we can start the race on time.

2) Race Start is at the road next to Skid Pan (northern end) for the runners,they then run to the car and pull off tape (off the rear bumper) to allow the car to start the race. Cars starting the race need to be parked in front of garages 17-32 (the pit entrance end of pit lane) like people do on a practice day (backed in at a 45 degree) and spots will be gained on a first come first served basis once practice begins and not before.

3) Driver Changes, you must change band across at car change over,

4) Note number 4 will be announced on race day.

5) Pit lane speed limit is 40KPH and there is to be no speeding, if caught speeding you will get a drive through penalty.

6) If you break down the replacement car can start racing when the band gets back to the pits,

7) Practice coming into the pit lane quickly if you haven’t done it before, it will stop you being caught out during the race.

8) Chucky (BBQ) is the class co-ordinator for the race. Please speak to chucky or a CRO if you have a problem.

9) The all important BBQ and prizegiving will be at the end of the race at garage…..

10) There is a STIG available to the first team that finds they need an extra car, he will be driving a Blue BMW 318is.

11) Garages for the event can be found at

12) You only need a minimum of 1 Transponder per team (if you can be bothered swapping it over at pitstops), you do not need 1 per car.

13) We will be keeping a log book with a page dedicated to each team, this will be held in garage 16 and we want all teams filling in their driver changes with a time of day and total laps completed.

Important times for the Dunlop800:

Saturday (no documentation on the Friday)
07:00 – Documentation Opens (remember to do it as a team)
08:15 – Drivers Briefing
08:30 – Practice starts
09:15 – Race Starts
17:15 – Race Finish unless 800km (300 laps) is reached beforehand (7.5 hours in theory without any safety cars)

Season 4 Launch and Rules

We will be releasing the rules and entry form for season 4 in mid July. Generally speaking the rules will be much the same with the following tweaks so far:

-More cars will be eligible with the eligible cars list having a major overhaul, this list will be released in the coming week. ( I know I said this last time)
-There will be a drop round those who enter all rounds going into the last round. The drop round will see your worst result replaced with a number of points such as 100 (still TBC). This is to reward those that attend all rounds but also works to keep more teams in the hunt and means you can buy a dud, blow it up at the first round and still have a chance from the second round onward.

Provisional Season 4 dates are as follows:

24/25 Sept Waikato Challenge Hampton
22/23 October Manawatu Car Club Manfield
3/4 December 2K Master Hampton
4/5 March Thunder in Park Pukekohe
8/9 April Great Lakes Taupo
6/7 May Season Finale International track Hampton

Yes you did read that right, our last round will be on the new International Circuit at Hampton Downs where we are keen to have at least 1 full grid which I believe is ~58 Cars. We will also plan to have the race days on the single day again as per previous seasons.

2KCUP Official Brake Supplier

Following on from the last newsletter Mike from Endless will be at the Dunlop800 to offer support, advice and will have common sized pads on hand.ENDLESS is the premier Braking Manufacturer from Japan. Being used in top racing categories from WRC, Lemans-24hr to Formula1, it’s used by the best teams that expect the highest quality and performance.

ENDLESS have over 700 pad shapes available for Japanese, European and aftermarket calipers. They have a huge range of compounds available with something to suit every racing and street application.

For the 2KCup series Prosport Auto recommends the ME22 compound as it offers extremely high value ($/km) and gives drivers excellent pedal feel and stopping performance, while remaining kind to discs and being street-friendly if you want to drive to and from the track. The ENDLESS ME22 compound has a very high temperature threshold and works perfect with the 2KCup cars and no brake cooling, allowing cars to be run for hours without stopping.

Some applications or driving styles will require a slightly lower friction rear pad to keep the car stable, please contact Mike at Prosport Auto for extra information and options.

Most pad shapes are in stock, but please allow up to 5 weeks to manufacture and ship if pads are out of stock. All brake pads are made in Japan by ENDLESS.

For all 2KCup drivers Prosport Auto is offering 10% off Brake Pads and Brake Fluid, while also offering a free bottle of ENDLESS RF650 (500ml) with every set of Brake Pads bought. This is the same fluid used in the Mercedes Petronas Formula1 team!

Contact Prosport Auto Ltd:

Email –

Phone – 09 238 3560 or 0211 747427

Web –

Kind Regards,
James Watson