Dunlop 800

The Dunlop 800 is only a matter of weeks away and the 5 South Island teams will start making their trek up to try take the cup from the North Islanders. Entry is up at so make sure to get your entry in as soon as possible.


Season 3 Prizegiving

The Prizegiving went without a hitch with congratulations given to the below winners:

2KCUP World Series Champion
2016 #601 Raging moose racing – Simon Rollinson

1.6L Cup
2016 #21 SA Racing – Sergey Kevrukh/Alexey Borisov

1.8L Cup
2016 #8 MTT Insurance Racing – Mark Mallard

2.0L Cup
2016 #74 DPR – Oscar Drummond

Hairdresser Cup
2016 #125 Goldwise – Steve Vodanovich

Under 25 Shield
2016 #77 Toymota Racing Jnr – Mathew Smith

Taxi Cup
2016 #3 DeltaBravo8 – Roman Korobeinikov / James Watson

Rookie Cup
2016 #25 111RACING – Ian Wallace/Scott Wallace

Spirit Cup
2016 #302 GCC #1 – Gerald Trass/Mark Cleaver

50+ Shield
2016 #818 team fizzo – Steve Fistonich

1oak Cup
2016 #16 Equipe de Merde – Hugh Parris

Euro Cup
2016 #86 MBR – Marc Barlow

Best Presented- supported by Media77
2016 #33 2AVFUN – Paul Smith

Team of the Year
2016 #72 Africa Racing Team – Chris Greaney


Season 4 Launch and Rules

We will be releasing the rules and entry form for season 4 in mid July. Generally speaking the rules will be much the same with the following tweaks so far:

-More cars will be eligible with the eligible cars list having a major overhaul, this list will be released in the coming week.
-There will be a drop round those who enter all rounds going into the last round. The drop round will see your worst result replaced with a number of points such as 100 (still TBC). This is to reward those that attend all rounds but also works to keep more teams in the hunt and means you can buy a dud, blow it up at the first round and still have a chance from the second round onward.

Provisional Season 4 dates are as follows:

24/25 Sept Waikato Challenge Hampton
22/23 October Manawatu Car Club Manfield
3/4 December 2K Master Hampton
4/5 March Thunder in Park Pukekohe
8/9 April Great Lakes Taupo
6/7 May Season Finale International track Hampton

Yes you did read that right, our last round will be on the new International Circuit at Hampton Downs where we are keen to have at least 1 full grid which I believe is ~58 Cars. We will also plan to have the race days on the single day again as per previous seasons.


2KCUP Official Brake Supplier

I would like the personally thank EBC brakes for their support over the last 3 seasons. It has been appreciated by many and can be attributed in part to the success of 2KCUP. I know they have saved the bacon of a few drivers by opening up shop when someone has had a last minute brake dilemma.

Due to some cars not suiting the EBC pad due to undersized rotors generating way to much heat we have chosen to partner with Endless Brakes for the upcoming season and their logo and details will be provided from next newsletter onward, it’s also no secret that all the top cars in the 2KCUP run Endless. Give Mike at Prosport Auto a call on 09 238 3560 for a special deal including 10% off and a free bottle of brake fluid.

Kind Regards,
James Watson