Round 5

Full points can be found at – Pictures can be found at

It was wet and then it was dry with some fantastic racing in between, that’s your round recap. Driving standards have penalised a couple of drivers but mostly one that will be doing a drive through at the final round as a result of over aggressive driving.

Overall Round 4 Winner
#601    raging moose racing    Simon Rollinson

1.6L Cup
#21    SA Racing    Sergey Kevrukh  and  Alexey Borisov

1.8L Cup
#601    raging moose racing    Simon Rollinson

2.0L Cup
#96 Grover Racing Mark grover

Taxi Cup
#3 DeltaBravo8 – Roman Korobeinikov / James Watson

Rookie Cup
#25 111RACING Ian Wallace Scott Wallace

Spirit Cup
#25 111RACING Ian Wallace Scott Wallace

1oak Cup
#809 Firestorm Matthew OGorman Ben Thorpe

Hairdresser Cup
#74 DPR – Oscar Drummond

50+ Shield
#818 team fizzo – Steve Fistonich

Under 25 Shield
#247 breaking bad racing jason hoogendyk

#16 Equipe de Merde Hugh Parris


Round 6 – 7th/8th May

Entry for round 6 at Hampton Downs is now up at under “Season Finale feat. 2K Cup Masters”. As this is our last round we have a 60 minute enduro race on both the Saturday and Sunday.

If you are currently placed 50th+ in points you have qualified for the Saturday Race. The Saturday race will be a regular format start with a qualifying session that determines the starting positions.

If you are currently 1st-49th in points, you have qualified for the Sunday Race. The Sunday race will have the grid set by championship points with those with the most starting from the back. It will be a handicap start with a flag drop every 10 seconds per 10 cars.

Both races are double points and both races require one 60 second (stationary) pitstop between the 20min and 40min mark. Both days will have a small BBQ following the race.

We have some good news for those that have entered all 5 rounds so far this year*. 2KCUP have been able to negotiate a special entry fee for the last round that includes only the levies portion (~$60) of the entry as a sign of thanks from both HRC and 2KCUP. Select Cheque payment when entering and pay on the day. We have the of eligible teams as follows:

*If a minimum of 82 entries are not met for round 6, the entry fee will be increased for those eligible for the discount.

3 DeltaBravo8
8 MTT Insurance Racing
21 SA Racing
24 Civiltrain Racing
27 Coca Rola
41 Stadium cars racing
56 Driver Motor Sports
67 Retyred Racing
74 DPR
77 Toymota Racing Jnr
82 BFR
111 Team JAMEX
123 John Stewart
125 Goldwise
130 Dingo Racing
444 444racing
601 raging moose racing
666 CCC Racing
711 Clevedon interrogators
809 Firestorm
818 team fizzo


Season 3 Prize giving 21st May

The date has been set as 21st May for the Season 3 Prizegiving. It will be held in the evening somewhere around Central/South Auckland. Exact location is TBC but we wanted to make sure everyone can start making plans to be there. We plan to have a workshop beforehand and will formulate the rules for season 4 in the process along with anything else series related that needs to be carried out. We will have season 4 dates to release at prizegiving as well.

We have also brought in the rule that you can only win one prize this year, so keep that in mind if you are eligible for more than one cup, you will have to forfeit one and it will go to the next eligible team.

Dunlop 800 – 2nd July

Lastly the Dunlop 800, Dunlop are back on board for another year which means lots of prizes for all.

Due to demand and to secure your team a spot, we require you to register your interest at We have received 23 teams so far and will start notifying those who have shown interest in the coming weeks.

You will find the basic rules on the link above but for the most part we are allowing teams of 2-3 cars, self picked or series picked to take part in an 800km endurance race that will take the better part of a day. Before the event teams can decide what class they want to enter. The classes are set by lap time (Pro, Pro/Am, Am OR sub 1:26, a mix, slower than 1:26).

Unlike most endurance races the slower cars set off first, so much so they will start 10 minutes before the “pro” or sub 1:26’s car leave, creating a real thriller of a race as it progresses.

Kind Regards,
James Watson