Round 5 – 2nd April

Entry for round 5 at Taupo is now up at under “Great Lakes Meeting 2016”, this our first round in a few back with HRC events. There is also the option for a 75min enduro for any fully caged Hondas. We have just over 40 entered so we will run two grids on the Saturday.

BBQCTD V2 – 19th March

We had a good turnout of just over 40 cars and it was great to see those at the pointy end offering driver training to the rest of the pack, not to mention the BBQ and birthday cake at the end. Thanks to Paul and BBQ committee for putting on the Food.

For first timers that only paid $50 when you should have paid $100, please settle the difference to save us asking:

Use your last name and car number as reference.


Dunlop 800 – 2nd July

Last but certainly not least is the Dunlop 800, Dunlop are back on board for another year which means lots of prizes for all.

Due to demand and to secure your team a spot, we require you to register your interest at

You will find the basic rules on the link above but for the most part we are allowing teams of 2-3 cars, self picked or series picked to take part in an 800km endurance race that will take the better part of a day. Before the event teams can decide what class they want to enter. The classes are set by lap time (Pro, Pro/Am, Am OR sub 1:26, a mix, slower than 1:26).

Unlike most endurance races the slower cars set off first, so much so they will start 10 minutes before the “pro” or sub 1:26’s car leave, creating a real thriller of a race as it progresses. Currently it’s looking like 6 South Island teams will be in attendance so there will also be a bit of well spirited North vs South rivalry going on as well.

We have also invited the BMW e30 series to this event to add another element of competition given how close the E30 series are to the 2KCUP in terms of lap time.

Kind Regards,
James Watson