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We’ll done to all those that competed at Round 1 last weekend. Due to transponder problems on the day the official results we’re not a true reflection of what actually happened on the track. I spent Saturday fixing up the grids and then Saturday night fixing the results. Points and results from Round1 can be found at the following two links:

Round 1 Race results can be found at http://2kcup.com/?p=442
Round 1 Points can be found at http://2kcup.com/?p=448

The points page is a lot more powerful in terms of how you can display the standings, for instance you can use the search (on the right top) by putting in “MR2” to see where you stand against all the MR2’s in the series, another example would be to put in “1:29” to see all the cars that are doing a “1:29”. You also have the ability to easly sort columns.

Driving Standards

Relatively speaking, we had a pretty clean weekend but speaking relatively is not good enough. Paint swapping is not acceptable and for those that have emailed me I have dealt with it accordingly, 1 driver has been put on notice so far.

Illegal Mod’s

All cars were checked for certain items at round 1 and as the season progresses these checks will continue at a random time. I had 5 cars as running the wrong tire size and those cars have been notified accordingly along with a couple of other people with illegal mods. There was nothing worth penalizing for, just for it to be fixed before next round.


For the most part we manged to sort out all the transponder problems on the day. To make it work correctly you want to mount it with the grey bit facing down towards the ground, and you want to mount it as close to the ground as possible with as little in its way. Most of the problems were due to people loosely putting them in their center console or glovebox.

2KCUP on YouTube

If you have any video from round 1 please upload it to the following site:

Username – 2kcup
Password – contact james@2kcup.com for the password

Once logged in you should be able to click “Upload” in the top left corner, select the video and then click on “Upload Files”. If you can set the file name to include your Team/Driver name that would be appreciated. The 2KCUP YouTube channel can be found at:


Prize Giving

Prize giving for Round’s 1 and 2 will be at Round 3.

Entry for Round 2

I know I have said it before, but round two entry should be up sometime this week, I will let all those that entered round 1 know when they can also enter at a later date.

Points for Round 2

To keep things fair, round 2 will take the same max points as round 1. The race winner will get 14 points from race 1 and 17 points from race 2. This is the only way to fairly go into round 3.

A New Round!

To make up for people missing out on either the first or second round we have been able to secure another meeting in December at Hampton Downs, to make it even better we will have space for two grids, 2KCUP and 1.6/1.5L Cup (that goes for round’s 4,5,6 as well). The season has been updated to include the new date:

Round 1 – September 28 – Hampton Downs Motorsport Park
Round 2 – October 19 – Hampton Downs Motorsport Park
Round 3 – December 8 – Hampton Downs Motorsport Park
Round 4 – March 1 – Manfeild Autocourse
Round 5 – April 5 – Taupo Motorsport Park
Round 6 – May 3 – Hampton Downs Motorsport Park

There will be no drop rounds available from round 3 onwards, this removes any advantage people may have gained by racing at both rounds 1 and 2.

Last but not least, a big thanks to Scott Miller who helped out with the odd jobs relating to the 2KCUP throughout the day, your help was most appreciated.

James Watson

2KCUP.com <– For Series Info
facebook.com/2KCUP <– For general updates
twitter.com/2KCUP <– For Short updates on race day
youtube.com/user/2KCUP <– For Video’s of the 2KCUP

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