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The 2KCUP is picking up momentum as the first round draws closer, to date we have 71 Entries for the series with 40 in the 2K, 24 in the 1600CC and 7 in 1500cc Class’ respectively. Should the grid capacity be exceeded at any given round, the class will be split into two grids, 2K and 1600/1500cc.

The License/Meeting/Kart night is this Thursday, details are as follows:

Location – Formula E (36 Ascot Road, Airport Oaks, Auckland)
Time – 6PM onwards
Cost – $55(Pay on the night) if you want to do the GoKarts, otherwise free.
Part 1 – Complete Licenses and have a meeting from 6-8pm
Part 2 – GoKarting from 8pm (sign up from 7:30pm) with it being a LeMans Style Enduro (dependent on numbers, they said it will be ~1.5 hours long)

Please reply to this email if you are going to be doing the Karts, this will allow us to confirm final numbers with Formula E (as there is a track limit). For those wanting to sit their license, refer to this page as it has all the info you will need in order to pass – http://2kcup.com/?p=167


An additional round has been added to make the 2KCUP a 5 round championship:

Round 1 – September 28 – Hampton Downs Motorsport Park (2 x 30min)
Round 2 – October 19 – Hampton Downs Motorsport Park (2 x 30min)
Round 3 – March 1 – Manfeild Autocourse (2 x 30min)
Round 4 – April 5 – Taupo Motorsport Park (2 x 30min)
Round 5 – May 3 – Hampton Downs Motorsport Park ( 1 Hour double points)

The round in October is with the Supertourers and was added due to the feedback. You will also notice that all the race weekends are now held on just the Saturday, this has been done in order to reduce cost’s for competitors.

There will be double points on offer for the final round as it is only a single race, drivers will also be required to do a compulsory pit-stop during 1 Hour. Championship points will be given out on a class by class basis unlike the Brass Monkey Meeting.


If you are planning to do more than just the odd round I would suggest you have a look at our page for  transponders – http://2kcup.com/?p=355 – A transponder is required at all the rounds and can be hired for $30 per day.

Entry List and Race numbers

Recently I released a link to the entries list, I did this to allow full transparency within the series. This list will be made complete in terms of tire and chassis codes by the first round – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtJ-3rvDyvk2dGxlYm1tcjh0QXExcE9RNG5EUDFkS3c&usp=sharing

If you do not have a race number next to your team name on the entries list, please reply to this email with your desired race number or leave a comment on the google doc (select your cell and click on comment in the top right).


Recently Eric Thompson from the NZHerald wrote an article on how he will be taking part in the series, you can see it here – http://www.nzherald.co.nz/motoring/news/article.cfm?c_id=9&objectid=11111461

Round 1 Entry

Entry to the first round has yet to be added at http://www.motorsportentry.com/ – This should be up in the next week or so.

Things I feel should be brought up:

1. I want to implement compulsory log books for all cars doing more than 1 round. The $30 cost for the log book means you only have to be scrutineered once every few rounds. This not only reduces the workload for the volunteers, but saves everyone’s time and means problems can properly be recorded – an application form can be found at http://www.motorsport.org.nz/sites/default/files/motorsport/forms/T001%20Vehicle%20Logbook%20Application.pdf

2. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher and it’s installed with the correct fasteners, there were some really dodgy installs at the Brass Monkey Meeting. Extinguishers need to be installed in accordance with the following:

For hand-held extinguishers, a metal retaining system incorporating a quick
release metal strap/s shall be fitted (a minimum of two(2) quick-release metal
straps shall be required from 1 January 2013), secured to the structure of the
vehicle by a minimum of two(2) self locking ISO 8.8 M6 bolts with panel washers.
All hand-held extinguishers shall be positioned within easy reach of the
occupant/s while in their normally seated position (not mandatory for Single
Seater vehicles).

3. Make sure you bleed your brakes with decent fluid!, this is one thing that cannot be overlooked when tracking a car and is usually the first thing to fail on the track. Contact EBC if you are not sure what to use – http://2kcup.com/?page_id=213 – If its any help for those choosing brake pads, I got 1.5 hours out of the standard Toyota pads and I will get about 10 hours out of EBC yellow pads (going by the ware rate at HamptonDowns)

4. Well done to everyone that was at the Brass Monkey meeting, your driving standards are probably the best for any race group NZ, that plus the generally relaxed attitude made organizing the thing a breeze.

5. A word of caution, there will be spot checks at the first round to make sure all cars are fully complying with the rules, make sure to contact us before the first round about anything we might pick you up on. Ignorance is not an excuse.

6. For those who are sharing a drive, make sure both drivers qualify with at least 4 laps, you can switch drivers during the practice in order to satisfy this requirement.

There will be more things to talk about at the Kart night, please email me if you want to bring anything up so I can assign some time to it.

Kind Regards,
James Watson

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